Relief Goods for Dara Adam Khel Migrants

Relief goods were distributed among12000 migrants members of 950 registered migrant tribal families of Dara Adam Khel in Kohat district of NWFP Pakistan. According to press release issue by PRO Kohat police, from 31st of August on wards in four days around 30000 people have migrated from tribal area of Dara Adam Khel to Kohat and Peshawar where Pakistan security forces have launched operation to meet the challenge posed by Taliban militants.

Most of migrant’s families have taken refuge in homes of their relatives living in Kohat and Peshawar. In Kohat three relief camps for migrants in Ghamkole, High School # 4 and Darmandi have been created with the help of district relief organizations. Kohat police department and district government is paying for expenses incurred on provision of food to migrants residing in these camps. Provincial government of NWFP had also contributed two thousand and five hundred tents and other relief goods. Patients, women and children residing in these camps are in difficult situation due to shortage of food items and life saving drugs, migrants are demanding immediate end to security forces operation during holy month of Ramadan.

Dara Adam Khel is a tribal area located between settled areas of Kohat and Peshawar, even during British Raj of three hundred years tribal area of Dara Adam Khel was remained free devoid of any governmental control, after creation of Pakistan in 1947 political administration is representing government of Pakistan in this tribal area and like other tribal areas it was ruled under FCR, due to independent status of Dara Adam Khel it became center of narcotics and weapon trade, and a place of refuge for outlaws of Kohat and Peshawar.

During past few years Taliban militants had started striving to take control of Dara Adam Khel their local Taliban militant leader Tariq an ex student of a private college in Kohat had started challenging government authority through armed uprising, security forces had taken back control of this tribal area and had created check posts after bloody battle with militants. Taliban militants had escaped towards Orakzai Agency and other tribal areas, but off and on they strike back through guerrilla war hit and run tactics and suicide bomb attacks on security forces convoys and forts.

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Abdur Raziq
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