Price Hike in Holy Month of Ramadan

Faraz Raziq observing his first ever fasting day
It is binding upon every healthy and adult Muslim male and female to observe fast during holy month of Ramadan, during last eight years of President George Bush tenure eight Aftar dinners were hosted by the president Bush for Muslim notables residing in USA, religious tolerance and secularism in US is a glittering example for third world countries striving to achieve US democratic values in their countries, and struggling to overcome hurdles created by narrow minded religious extremists.

For the first time in his life my seven-year-old son Faraz Raziq had observed fast on Friday, though young children are exempted but parents they encourage them to observe fast if they willingly insist for it. Faraz did all his duties while fasting he had attended his school, had completed his home work after coming back from school, around 5:pm two hours earlier then Aftar time Faraz started looking bit weak, and had spent last two hours while sitting beside me while I was working on my laptop. Eventually his ordeal was over when Aftar time arrived, after taking two glasses of juice and some other food items he was again full of energy, I took sigh of relief and once again informed him that small children are exempted from fasting and he shall not take the risk again but wait for the proper age, as an adult he will be allowed and facilitated to observe fast during holy month of Ramadan.

Young children when insist for doing things which only adults can do their parents become bit embarrassed, and worried, price hike in Pakistan and flour shortages in Kohat district of Pakistan are worrisome factors for parents in this area, to arrange food items for their young children is duty of their parents and to fulfill their duty in country like Pakistan where unemployment, underemployment, forced labor and low salaries and growing violence in society, many parents are unable to feed and cloth their children, state provides no economic security to any citizen in Pakistan, unemployed people don’t get any unemployment allowance, government departments pay very little salaries and often pay late to their employees.

President Asif Ali Zardari in his recent speeches and press statements have expressed his will to address these issues, to control the menace of extremism and sectarian violence, economic well being of the people and end to economic strangulation of highly educated people shall be the priority of government, failure in this respect can result in enhanced extremism in Pakistan.

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