Nine Eleven

Again it is 11th of September every year this date will appear on calendar, nothing is wrong with this date but some bitter memories are attached with it, on this date few years ago innocent people of New York while working in their offices located in twin towers were hit by terrorists, in result of that cowardly attack on twin towers of New York US government had sent its troops to Afghanistan and Iraq to eliminate terrorist organization responsible for these attacks.

I had visited New York in September 1988, during my six days long stay in Columbia University hostel, I had held meetings with Chairman Journalism Department of Columbia University had met other faculty members, had visited Statue of Liberty in Liberty Island.

While passing through the Harlem in a Limousine cab, an Italian driver had kept on providing security briefs to me and my colleagues, he had informed us about the dangers hidden in beautiful and gigantic city of New York, he had picked us from Airport and till hostel of Columbia university he had tried to convince us that we shall avoid coming out on the streets of New York in the evening, it was his view that Harlem is the most dangerous area of New York.

Our escort and friend Mr. James Bodner was a very kind person, we were scheduled to attend meetings fro nine to five on each working day and on weekends we were free to go for sight seeing, in Washington, Lincoln Nebraska, California and Los Angeles we were taken for sight seeing along with guards and officially every sight seeing trip was arranged for us, but in New York we were left free to go out for sight seeing to the places of our own choice.

I had bought shoes from a store located at ground floor of Twin Towers, but due to shortage of time was unable to see the New York from top floor of Twin Towers, in shoe store Chinese and Korean varieties of shoes were displayed in bulk, while doing shopping in USA I had always preferred to buy every thing made in USA.

In six days long stay in New York we had traveled in subway, we had done evening walks, had visited many stores for shopping without guards, nothing bad was happened to us, even people of Harlem were quite friendly, at time of our departure from New York towards Nebraska I was bit sad while leaving the city where people were so kind, honest and loving.

I had felt shocked when had received the dreaded news of cowardly attack of terrorists on innocent people of New York few years ago, on this sad day I am filled with grief and sorrow, my sympathies are with affected families of New York, thanks God that President George Bush had taken prompt measures to eliminate the terrorists, I hope that people of New York and people else where in the world will become secure for ever due to timely action taken by US Marines. I wish them success in all there anti terrorist pursuits.

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Abdur Raziq
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