Crisis of Legitimacy is Over in Pakistan

End to crisis of legitimacy was witnessed in Pakistan with holding of free and fair presidential elections on Defense Day of Pakistan today. According to unofficial polling results Mr. Asif Ali Zardari has got overwhelming majority vote in Electoral College comprised of elected members of federal and provincial legislatures. Now Pakistan is having legitimately elected leadership at all levels. In 61 years of Pakistan’s history Pakistan was remained under military dictatorship for 50 long years, the outcome was disintegration of Pakistan in 1971 due to constant deprivation of fundamental rights of the people concept of national security became a mockery, people of Pakistan were kept hostage for long 50 years and people were pitched against their own army once in East Pakistan in 1971, and again during past few years tribal areas of Pakistan including settled area of Swat people took up arms against their own government.

Concept of national security was quite vague in leadership of the past, how a country can become secure if its people are ruthlessly denied of their fundamental rights by their own government? If institutions traditionally meant for serving the public are used to crush and suppress the public obviously the outcome will be disastrous for the country. Result of dictatorial and discriminatory policies was increasing lawlessness in Pakistan.

Newly elected president of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari by himself was kept in jail for eight long years by military dictator General Musharaf, though no allegation against him was proved neither in Pakistani courts nor in courts of Switzerland. His wife Muhtarima Benazir Bhutto Shaheed was deprived from her right of life in abroad day light in presence of thousands of people in Liaqat Park of Rawalpindi. With his arrival in presidency as legitimately elected president of Pakistan people of Pakistan will definitely get their fundamental rights restored.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq
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