Tuesday, September 30, 2008

20 Militants Killed in Dara Adam Khel

It is a news story about current situation in tribal areas of Bajure and Dara Adam Khel of Pakistan.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Polish Engineer Abducted in Attok Punjab

It is a news story about recent happenings in tribal areas of Pakistan and abduction of Polish engineer from Attok Punjab.

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Ignorance and Extremism

Founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah had created Pakistan with the force of logical persuasion, Pakistan was not created by any extremist organization, majority of the Muslims in sub-continent were convinced that they can not live side by side with biased Hindu majority and their moderate political organization All India Muslim League leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah backed by Muslims of India had succeeded to win separate home land for Muslims, Quiad I Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a man of great wisdom and courage, he had convinced British rulers through table talks and had won Pakistan for Muslims, he was educated and aware of the force of world public opinion, in a post world war second civilized world United Nations had emerged as world organization and civilized nations of the world resolve their disputes through peaceful means on this platform.

Extremists Hindu and certain Muslim leaders of India were having close contacts with Hitler of Germany and were in favor of waging armed struggle against British rulers of sub-continent during post first world war era, colonial history of sub-continent reflects that extremist forces were flourished during British Raj but were unable to get mass support due to fair and just colonial administration established by British rulers of sub-continent. In post independence era Pakistan became dominion of dictatorial forces emanated during pre independence era, Field Martial Ayube Khan Pakistan’s first military dictator was at one hand forging alliance with USA on the other hand he was establishing institutions at the pattern of Hitler’s Germany to prolong his dictatorial rule. When Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Challenged his dictatorial rule moderate forces in Pakistan had backed Bhutto and eventually in 1970 elections were held and after dismemberment of Pakistan in 1971 power was transferred to elected representatives of Pakistan.

Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had established International Relation departments and Area Study Centers in Universities of Pakistan and had established faculties of social sciences to bring people of Pakistan into modern world and to make them able to understand world politics and resolve their domestic and international problems in civilized manner. In 1977 Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was ousted from power by General Zia in result of coup, and Pakistan was again plunged into darkness, social scientists were discouraged by Zia, universities were turned into domain of student wing of Jamat Islami, and dictatorial methods and institutions were introduced and renovated again to prolong his military rule.

In Arab world even in moderate Muslim countries social sciences are victim of neglect, Arab youth is compelled to utilize their energies by opting for extremist tactics to address international issues, Palestine dispute is core cause of frustration among Arab youth whether it is Alqaeeda or Akhwan ul Muslimoon of Egypt is a reaction of Arab youth deprived of sophisticated knowledge required for peaceful settlement of Palestine issue and all other local problems which Arabs are facing in their own countries.

World public opinion is a decisive force and con be won through civilized means of logical persuasion available in shape of free press and platforms of regional and international organizations but Muslim world is deprived specifically Arab Muslims are deprived of enlightened leadership which can resolve the problems of Arab world through peaceful means.

In Pakistan only few thousand extremists inspired by extremist Alqaeeda Arab leader Usama bin Ladin are trying to subjugate moderate majority of Pakistani Muslims, recent suicide truck bomb attack on Marriott Hotel in Islamabad capital of Pakistan is also an effort of an extremist group Fidayan I Islam to destabilize democratic government in Pakistan to pave the way for extremists subjugation. Few thousand extremists are taking advantage of defective administrative structure in Pakistan which is occupied by remnants of dictator Musharaf, swift changes in this respect are required to defeat violent extremism prevailing in tribal areas and settled areas of NWFP to avoid future US incursions in Pakistan’s territory and to stabilize existing democratic regime in Pakistan.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Price Hike in Holy Month of Ramadan

Faraz Raziq observing his first ever fasting day
It is binding upon every healthy and adult Muslim male and female to observe fast during holy month of Ramadan, during last eight years of President George Bush tenure eight Aftar dinners were hosted by the president Bush for Muslim notables residing in USA, religious tolerance and secularism in US is a glittering example for third world countries striving to achieve US democratic values in their countries, and struggling to overcome hurdles created by narrow minded religious extremists.

For the first time in his life my seven-year-old son Faraz Raziq had observed fast on Friday, though young children are exempted but parents they encourage them to observe fast if they willingly insist for it. Faraz did all his duties while fasting he had attended his school, had completed his home work after coming back from school, around 5:pm two hours earlier then Aftar time Faraz started looking bit weak, and had spent last two hours while sitting beside me while I was working on my laptop. Eventually his ordeal was over when Aftar time arrived, after taking two glasses of juice and some other food items he was again full of energy, I took sigh of relief and once again informed him that small children are exempted from fasting and he shall not take the risk again but wait for the proper age, as an adult he will be allowed and facilitated to observe fast during holy month of Ramadan.

Young children when insist for doing things which only adults can do their parents become bit embarrassed, and worried, price hike in Pakistan and flour shortages in Kohat district of Pakistan are worrisome factors for parents in this area, to arrange food items for their young children is duty of their parents and to fulfill their duty in country like Pakistan where unemployment, underemployment, forced labor and low salaries and growing violence in society, many parents are unable to feed and cloth their children, state provides no economic security to any citizen in Pakistan, unemployed people don’t get any unemployment allowance, government departments pay very little salaries and often pay late to their employees.

President Asif Ali Zardari in his recent speeches and press statements have expressed his will to address these issues, to control the menace of extremism and sectarian violence, economic well being of the people and end to economic strangulation of highly educated people shall be the priority of government, failure in this respect can result in enhanced extremism in Pakistan.

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Abdur Raziq
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Friday, September 26, 2008

Militants Quest For Stingers

It is a news an article regarding present state of affairs in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fifty Militants Killed in Dara Adam Khel Tribal Area of Pakistan

After Monday night explosions Kohat is calm in the morning of Tuesday, heavy artillery fire from Kohat Gunner Lines was heard in the mornings of Sunday and Monday, news reports in local media and sources had revealed that in result of heavy artillery fire and Helicopter assaults on Dara Adam Khel security forces had killed 50 militants in Dara Adam Khel and had regained control over Kohat Friendship Tunnel and Kohat Peshawar road, and Kohat Peshawar road through Tunnel will be opened for traffic soon.

Due to closure of Kohat Friendship Tunnel for traffic people of Southern districts of NWFP are in difficult situation, supplies of goods and services has been disrupted by militants, shopkeepers are complaining about shortage of food items due to disruption of supplies from other major cities of Pakistan and are demanding immediate opening of Tunnel for traffic. People are traveling through Nizam Pur road to reach Peshawar through Nowshehra, the road is dangerous a traveler has told me Nizam Pur road is heaven for robbers, many vehicles were stopped and passengers were robbed on this route during last one month.
Flour shortage has been also witnessed in Kohat district, sources have said that 20kg flour bags are available only on few shops and its price is now 750/rs per bag much beyond the reach of common man and low paid government employees, average one flour bag per week is consumed by each small family in Kohat, due to increase in its price and due to its shortages consumers are also in difficult situation.

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Abdur Raziq

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

Suicide Truck Bomb Attack

It is a news story regarding a suicide truck bomb attack carried out on Marriott Hotel Islamabad.

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Eighteen Persons Killed in Bomb Attack

It is an updated version of news story regarding recent suicide bomb attack on Marriott Hotel in Islamabad Pakistan.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

International Day of Peace

A poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz in one of his poems had said that peace can not prevail when tyranny is their, UN efforts to promote respect for fundamental human rights fails to achieve peace when super powers get involved in ideological confrontation with each other. In third world defective systems of governance, and super powers rivalries in different regions of the world, often result in breach of peace within the UN member states and in between the states.

Teeming millions of India and Pakistan are deprived of their fundamental rights due to their centuries old undemocratic culture, and due to inability of their leadership of the past to lead their followers out from economic and political backwardness. Both countries had experienced two major wars and good number of limited wars with each other, UN shall concentrate to spread education and respect for fundamental human rights through education in both these countries to avert further interstate conflicts among both and to avert violence within these countries on priority bases due to their nuclear potential, spread of extremism due to lack of education and awareness and respect of fundamental human rights in these two countries can endanger the world peace.

Growth of war industry, regional, ethnic and religious biases are also major factors causing breach of peace in different regions of the world, Africa and Asia both continents are in grip of violence, Europe, Australia, and American continents are quite peaceful, at least interstate breaches of peace are virtually nonexistent their, rule of UN forces in Afghanistan is quite commendable, they had worked for development of Afghanistan, president Hamid Karazai in a press conference in Pakistan had recently stressed the need for prolonged stay of US lead NATO forces in Afghanistan in accordance with their UN mandate to work for peace and development in Afghanistan.

Efforts are also required to transform war industry into developmental units, the transformation depends on brains of owners of this industry and skills of their managers, if they succeed to initiate profitable ventures other then production of arms without spreading unemployment that will also help in promotion of peace in different parts of the world. Strong lobbies of arms producers compel their leaders to pursue adventurous policies to promote sales of their deadly products.

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Security Lapse

According to well informed sources on Saturday evening NLC truck laden with one thousand ton explosive material was heading towards parliament building where Aftar dinner was arranged for the members of parliament whom were addressed by the president of Pakistan around 3:pm, ten million rupees were spent on security arrangements in Islamabad to provide security to parliamentarians, but the lapse was occurred, terrorists had either got hold of the truck of government organization known as National Logistic Cell or fake NLC identity mark was painted on the truck by terrorists to hoodwink security personals. When the truck laden with explosives had reached near security checkpoint was exploded probably the security men had succeeded to stop the truck at a distance of few hundred yards from parliament building, just in front of Marriott Hotel Islamabad.
According to initial reports aired on state owned media only 15 persons were declared dead in result of explosion before Marriott but later international media reports have revealed that at least 40 persons were killed and two hundred others were injured. Building of the hotel is badly damaged a big hole is visible at the spot of explosion, a correspondent of Voice of America Urdu service had revealed at midnight that according to a doctor of Poly Clinic hospital Islamabad 114 dead bodies are brought to the hospital so far. Number of dead seems to be far greater then announced on state owned media in Pakistan.
President of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gailani had reportedly condemned the violent act and announced compensation for the families of affected people. In a commercial flight now President of Pakistan is on its way towards New York where he will address the UN General Assembly session and will also hold a meeting with President George W Bush and some other world leaders.
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Abdur Raziq

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pakistan on Path of Democracy

It is a news story based on extract of speech delivered by President of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Extremists Deprived Children From Polio Vaccine

Ir is a news story regarding present state of affairs in Pakistan.

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Famous Shrines of Kohat

Mian Sabir Shah Incharge Committee of Hazrat HAJI Bahdur Shrine
Kohat district of NWFP is known for its Sufi saints and high Rocky Mountains, in the heart of the city is shrine of Sufi saint Hazrat Haji Bahadur, shrine of Hazrat Haji Bahadur due to its spiritual blessings is famous and focus of visitors from all over Pakistan. Family of Hazrat Haji Bahadur popularly known as Mian Khel family is incharge of the shrine and adjacent Hazrat Haji Bahadur mosque, visitors of the shrine give alms and charities to the incharge person of the Mian Khel family sitting at the entrance of shrine keeping a ‘Chakore’ a locally woven large plate made of leaves in which visitors donate money. Different heads of various segments of Mian Khel family become incharge of the shrine on rotation bases. ‘Such is the spiritual power of the saint Hazrat Haji Bahadur that a huge bomb dropped in 1965 war by Indian bomber in vicinity of his shrine was remained unexploded, and no harm to the shrine was done,’ an elder of Kohat city has said..

Five natural springs of water known as Panj Peer are located in between Kohat city and Jungle Khel area of Kohat, where Founder of Sikh religion Baba Guru Nanak used to do meditation, according to the elders of Kohat once Baba Guru Nanak was doing meditation while sitting at the bank of natural spring of water in Kohat a needle from his hand was fallen into transparent, sweet and cold water of spring, when he concentrated on transparent water he had found the needle visible in transparent water of spring, suddenly Baba Guru Nanak had ordered his followers to pack up and leave Kohat, when his followers asked him the reason of his sudden departure, he had replied, Kohat is transparent city, even a needle can not be lost in its water how the blank spots of the human being will remain hidden from the people of this city.

Shrine of Saint Bona Baba is located at the top of the hill in outskirts of Jungle Khel Kohat; below his shrine is fountain of water, which the British rulers had utilized to the garrison area and Kohat city through efficient water supply system, which is still functional. Water fountain near Bona Baba shrine is famous for healing effects of his water, pimples on skin and other skin diseases after taking bath in its water do vanish within few days.

Janan Baba shrine is located at the side of ravine near Shah Pur village of Koaht, his followers do ‘Chillas’( a forty days meditation is called chilla) in vicinity of his shrine, in company of doctor friend of mine I had visited his shrine once, number of visitors were quite low in shrine of Janan Baba. Shrine of Peer Bukhari located in Garrison area of Kohat, his followers also meditate in vicinity of his shrine.

Shrine of Peer Ghamkole Sharif Sharif is located in Ghamkol hills of Kohat on traditional Kohat Peshawar road built by British rulers, rush of visitors can be seen at his shrine through out the year, and once in a year on a day of his death anniversary millions of people from all around Pakistan pour into Kohat to visit his shrine.

Shrine of Hazrat Banoor Baba is located in Barkatullah Mohallah of Kohat, he was elder of Banoori family, and his shrine is surrounded by graveyard of his descendants. Due to spiritual blessings of his shrine people visit the shrine most often, and meditate in its vicinity.
Near Kohat courts on smoothly flowing cold, transparent and sweet waters of five springs of natural water grave yard of British rulers is located, grave of mother of Madam Alice wife of British commissioner of Kohat is still focus of interest to history students and researchers, and her own family members.

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Abdur Raziqhttp://www.allvoices.com/users/Raziq#?clear_cache=yes

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Three Children Injured in Rocket Attack

A JCO including five other security forces men were injured in cannon ball explosion while trying to load cannon. According to official sources in Officer Training School Kohat due to technical fault a cannon ball was exploded when Army men were trying to load the ball into cannon. JCO Shah Muhammad, Ammanullah soldier Sultan, Amjid Hussain and Allah Dad were injured, they were immediately admitted in Combined Military Hospital Kohat where their condition is reportedly improving.

Three Children were injured in rocket attack at a residence of Mati ullah located in Barai Street of Jungle Khel Kohat. ‘A rocket fired from unknown direction was landed at residence of Mati ullah, resident of Barai Jungle Khel, his three children, seven years old Danish Khan, five years old Hamad Khan and two years baby girl Mariam were injured when rocket had hit the lawn where the children were playing. Injured children were admitted in KDA hospital Kohat where condition of Hamad and Danish is reported to be improving while baby Mariam is reported to be in a critical condition.

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Abdur Raziq

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Three Taliban Militants Escaped from Kohat Prison

Three local Taliban prisoners had escaped from their prison cell on Monday night from Kohat Central Jail. Muhammad Abid Ramzy son of Qabil Shah resident of Turki Ismaeel Khel FR Jawaki, was sentenced for nine years, Jamal ud Din son of Siraj ud Din resident of Jarvanda road Kohat and Zakeem Shah son of Kajal Shah resident of Summari Payan were sentenced for 25 years, due to their involvement in bomb explosion in CD shops and internet cafés. During Monday night at 3:am they came out from their prison cell # 2 had tied up the prison guard on duty near their prison cell, and from the roof top of the jail building they had escaped with help of their turban cloth used as rope to slide down from the prison wall, according to PRO Kohat police the escaped prisoners were members of extremist group Harkat ul Ansar.

According to PRO Kohat police two rockets were fired at Chikarkote area of Kohat on Tuesday morning, one rocket had hit Janis Khel grave yard and a laborer Asif working in a near by under construction building was slightly injured, another rocket was landed in a garden, rockets were fired from Shahpur hills located around Tanda Dam Kohat. PAF base is quite near to Chikar Kote probably the rockets were fired at PAF base but had missed the target.

‘Abdur Raziq son of Hshim Khan is sentenced to death on Tuesday, on charges of killing police constable Usman Afridi, his case was heard in court of Session Judge 5 Kohat,’ PRO Kohat police Mr. Fazal Naeem has said.

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Abdur Raziq

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Four Security Forces Men Injured in Militants Attack

Kohat: 14-9-2008
‘Four security forces men were injured in militants attack on security forces convoy near Sheeney Kalay Dara Adam Khel on Sunday early in the evening, security forces have started retaliatory action against militants, a pedestrian when asked to stop by security forces men had kept on moving was killed when security forces opened fire at him,’ sources have said.

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Abdur Raziq

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Press Freedom

Reporter Sahibzada Afridi
A resolution of Kohat Bar Council passed against session judge Mr. Akhunzada Shahjehan Khan was published in each local newspaper of Kohat district, but the said judge had called only one reporter of a local daily Mr. Sahibzada Khan Afridi and according to him he was abused and forced by the said judge to write apology for committing contempt of court.

Now Kohat Press Club members have also passed a resolution-demanding probe into conduct of Session Judge Mr. Akhunzada Shahjehan Khan from Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court and Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan. Kohat Press Club members will launch agitation in case no probe is initiated in conduct of the said session judge in one week. Kohat press club members in a meeting presided over by Mr. Kausar Saleem Bangash have condemned the session judge Akhunzada Shahjehan Khan for pressurizing a working newsman and forcing him to write apology for his alleged contempt of court while he was doing his professional duty by reporting a resolution passed by the elected Lawyers of Kohat Bar Council.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Friday, September 12, 2008

Two Police Recruits Beheaded in Hangu

Kohat: 12-9-2008
Two among 25 abducted police recruits were beheaded by abductors on Thursday, 25 recruits of Police Training Center Hangu were coming towards Hangu through Bara tribal area few days earlier were abducted on their way towards Hangu. Beheaded dead bodies of recruit Arshad and Aziz ur Rehman residents of Swat were found in Shahu Khel area of Hangu district of NWFP Pakistan, a letter was also found near their dead bodies, police had shifted the beheaded dead bodies to Hangu Civil Hospital. According to official media sources the abductors of police recruits are demanding two and a half million rupees for return of each abducted recruit; and release of their imprisoned militants, sources have said that their probable abductors are local Taliban militants.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Globe.net: Nine Eleven

Globe.net: Nine Eleven

25 Persons Killed in Suicide Bomb Attack

It is a news story regarding present state of affairs in tribal areas of Pakistan.

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Nine Eleven

Again it is 11th of September every year this date will appear on calendar, nothing is wrong with this date but some bitter memories are attached with it, on this date few years ago innocent people of New York while working in their offices located in twin towers were hit by terrorists, in result of that cowardly attack on twin towers of New York US government had sent its troops to Afghanistan and Iraq to eliminate terrorist organization responsible for these attacks.

I had visited New York in September 1988, during my six days long stay in Columbia University hostel, I had held meetings with Chairman Journalism Department of Columbia University had met other faculty members, had visited Statue of Liberty in Liberty Island.

While passing through the Harlem in a Limousine cab, an Italian driver had kept on providing security briefs to me and my colleagues, he had informed us about the dangers hidden in beautiful and gigantic city of New York, he had picked us from Airport and till hostel of Columbia university he had tried to convince us that we shall avoid coming out on the streets of New York in the evening, it was his view that Harlem is the most dangerous area of New York.

Our escort and friend Mr. James Bodner was a very kind person, we were scheduled to attend meetings fro nine to five on each working day and on weekends we were free to go for sight seeing, in Washington, Lincoln Nebraska, California and Los Angeles we were taken for sight seeing along with guards and officially every sight seeing trip was arranged for us, but in New York we were left free to go out for sight seeing to the places of our own choice.

I had bought shoes from a store located at ground floor of Twin Towers, but due to shortage of time was unable to see the New York from top floor of Twin Towers, in shoe store Chinese and Korean varieties of shoes were displayed in bulk, while doing shopping in USA I had always preferred to buy every thing made in USA.

In six days long stay in New York we had traveled in subway, we had done evening walks, had visited many stores for shopping without guards, nothing bad was happened to us, even people of Harlem were quite friendly, at time of our departure from New York towards Nebraska I was bit sad while leaving the city where people were so kind, honest and loving.

I had felt shocked when had received the dreaded news of cowardly attack of terrorists on innocent people of New York few years ago, on this sad day I am filled with grief and sorrow, my sympathies are with affected families of New York, thanks God that President George Bush had taken prompt measures to eliminate the terrorists, I hope that people of New York and people else where in the world will become secure for ever due to timely action taken by US Marines. I wish them success in all there anti terrorist pursuits.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Joint Press Conference

It is a news story regarding joint press conference of Afghan President Mr. Hamid Karazai and President of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari in president House Islamabad.

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Twenty Persons Killed in US Missile Attack

Its a news story regarding present state of affairs in tribal areas of Pakistan.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ideology of Hatred

Its an article regarding present state of affairs in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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Mother of Dr. Zain ul Abidin Urfi and wife of Hazrat Jee had breathed her last on Sunday after protracted illness, she was buried in her native graveyard in the afternoon on Sunday, large number of people from every walk of life had participated in her funeral prayers. She was daughter of Habib ur Rehman Paracha and sister of Brigadier Atiq ur Rehman and Mati ur Rehman Paracha. May God bless her soul.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq


Mother of Dr. Zain ul Abidin Urfi and wife of Hazrat Jee had breathed her last on Sunday after protracted illness, she was buried in her native graveyard in the afternoon on Sunday, large number of people from every walk of life had participated in her funeral prayers. She was daughter of Habib ur Rehman Paracha and sister of Brigadier Atiq ur Rehman and Mati ur Rehman Paracha. May God bless her soul.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Thirteen Persons Killed in Suicide Bomb Attack

‘Thirteen persons including seven policemen were killed and 57 others were injured on Saturday afternoon in a suicide car bomb explosion near Zangali police station Peshawar located on Kohat Peshawar road, injured were shifted to different hospital in Peshawar, around fifty persons were stuck under debris of plaza collapsed near Zangali police station due to high intensity of explosion,’ sources have said.
According to press release issued by PRO Kohat police at 12:pm on mobile phone some one had informed Rescue 15 police Kohat that ambulance is needed to shift injured people to hospital from Zangali police station Peshawar, Rescue 15 Kohat police telephone operator Bashir Hussain had informed Peshawar police and other aid organization to reach the trouble spot.
Sources have said that number of victims of Zangali police station suicide car bomb explosion will grow because many people were critically injured.
‘In a friendly fire between security forces men in Dara Adam Khel one security forces person was killed, Kohat friendship Tunnel has been closed for traffic, people are traveling towards Peshawar through alternate routes,’ a source has said.
Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Crisis of Legitimacy is Over in Pakistan

End to crisis of legitimacy was witnessed in Pakistan with holding of free and fair presidential elections on Defense Day of Pakistan today. According to unofficial polling results Mr. Asif Ali Zardari has got overwhelming majority vote in Electoral College comprised of elected members of federal and provincial legislatures. Now Pakistan is having legitimately elected leadership at all levels. In 61 years of Pakistan’s history Pakistan was remained under military dictatorship for 50 long years, the outcome was disintegration of Pakistan in 1971 due to constant deprivation of fundamental rights of the people concept of national security became a mockery, people of Pakistan were kept hostage for long 50 years and people were pitched against their own army once in East Pakistan in 1971, and again during past few years tribal areas of Pakistan including settled area of Swat people took up arms against their own government.

Concept of national security was quite vague in leadership of the past, how a country can become secure if its people are ruthlessly denied of their fundamental rights by their own government? If institutions traditionally meant for serving the public are used to crush and suppress the public obviously the outcome will be disastrous for the country. Result of dictatorial and discriminatory policies was increasing lawlessness in Pakistan.

Newly elected president of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari by himself was kept in jail for eight long years by military dictator General Musharaf, though no allegation against him was proved neither in Pakistani courts nor in courts of Switzerland. His wife Muhtarima Benazir Bhutto Shaheed was deprived from her right of life in abroad day light in presence of thousands of people in Liaqat Park of Rawalpindi. With his arrival in presidency as legitimately elected president of Pakistan people of Pakistan will definitely get their fundamental rights restored.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Friday, September 5, 2008

Victory of Mr. Asif Ali Zardari is quite Eminent (updated)

In his article published in ‘Washington Post’ Co Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarian and presidential candidate Mr. Asif Ali Zardari had reportedly stated that soon after his election as President of Pakistan he will abolish article 58-2B of Pakistan’s constitution which empowers president to dissolve elected assemblies, and will restore the deposed judges, and will also pave the way for creation of independent judiciary free from political influence, he is of the view that Pakistan’s establishment survives on taxes paid by the people of Pakistan but it does not work for prosperity of the people, elected government is helpless before powerful establishment in Pakistan. Dictatorial forces are looking for new allies to weaken democratically elected government in Pakistan.

Mr. Asif Ali Zardari had further mentioned in his article that he will take a tough stance against militants, his Mrs. Muhtarima Benazir Bhutto Shaheed had embraced martyrdom in her struggle to defeat forces of extremism, he had condemned ISAF attack on Angur Ada village of South Waziristan and had suggested that inside Pakistan only Pakistan’s security forces shall take action against militants, ISAF incursions in Pakistan’s territory are against the sovereign rights of independent state of Pakistan.He had also condemned the attack on motorcade of prime minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gailani, and had expressed his firm resolve to meet challenge of extremism in Pakistan.

On 6th of September 2008 polling for presidential elections is arranged by Election Commission of Pakistan authorities, only 18 hours are left for commensuration of polling, chances of Mr। Asif Ali Zardari are quite bright, as presidential candidate he has got the support of his own Pakistan Peoples Party which has got majority seats in National Assembly and in Sindh and Baluchistan provincial assemblies, PPPP has got good number of seats in Punjab provincial assembly too, ANP, JUI, BNP and PPP Sherpao are also supporting him।

Polling for election of new President in four provincial assemblies and both houses of federal legislature of Pakistan has been started at 10am and will end at 3pm on Saturday. Leader of Federally administered tribal areas Mr. Munir Orakzai in a meeting with presidential candidate Mr. Asif Ali Zardari had assured him the support of FATA legislators and now Mr. Zardari according to PPPP sources have the support of MQM, JUI, BNP, FATA legislators and PPP Sherpao along with his own PPPP legislators of federal and provincial legislatures.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Three Kohat Police Officials Martyred in Encounter

It is a news story about three martyred police officials of Kohat police.

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Twenty Militants Killed in Dara Adam Khel tribal Area

Its a news story regarding present state of affairs in tribal areas of Pakistan.

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Relief Goods for Dara Adam Khel Migrants

Relief goods were distributed among12000 migrants members of 950 registered migrant tribal families of Dara Adam Khel in Kohat district of NWFP Pakistan. According to press release issue by PRO Kohat police, from 31st of August on wards in four days around 30000 people have migrated from tribal area of Dara Adam Khel to Kohat and Peshawar where Pakistan security forces have launched operation to meet the challenge posed by Taliban militants.

Most of migrant’s families have taken refuge in homes of their relatives living in Kohat and Peshawar. In Kohat three relief camps for migrants in Ghamkole, High School # 4 and Darmandi have been created with the help of district relief organizations. Kohat police department and district government is paying for expenses incurred on provision of food to migrants residing in these camps. Provincial government of NWFP had also contributed two thousand and five hundred tents and other relief goods. Patients, women and children residing in these camps are in difficult situation due to shortage of food items and life saving drugs, migrants are demanding immediate end to security forces operation during holy month of Ramadan.

Dara Adam Khel is a tribal area located between settled areas of Kohat and Peshawar, even during British Raj of three hundred years tribal area of Dara Adam Khel was remained free devoid of any governmental control, after creation of Pakistan in 1947 political administration is representing government of Pakistan in this tribal area and like other tribal areas it was ruled under FCR, due to independent status of Dara Adam Khel it became center of narcotics and weapon trade, and a place of refuge for outlaws of Kohat and Peshawar.

During past few years Taliban militants had started striving to take control of Dara Adam Khel their local Taliban militant leader Tariq an ex student of a private college in Kohat had started challenging government authority through armed uprising, security forces had taken back control of this tribal area and had created check posts after bloody battle with militants. Taliban militants had escaped towards Orakzai Agency and other tribal areas, but off and on they strike back through guerrilla war hit and run tactics and suicide bomb attacks on security forces convoys and forts.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Failed Assassination Attempt

‘Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gailani had survived assassination attempt, unknown assassin opened fire at his bullet proof car near Islamabad capital of Pakistan on Wednesday, bullets were fired at the driver’s side of the car, bullets were unable to cause any harm to him, he was coming back from Lahore where he had campaigned for his party presidential candidate Mr. Asif Ali Zardari,’ it was unveiled in BBC news bulletin.

Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gailani has been determined to continue war on terror soon after coming into power five months ago in result of February 2008 general elections in Pakistan. He is taking firm action against militants in Swat, Bajure, Dara Adam Khel and Khyber Agency. According to local newspaper reports 10 militants were killed in Swat during security forces operation and Taliban militants spokesman Muslim Khan had disclosed that two Chinese engineers kidnapped in Dir are in captivity of Taliban militants in Swat, Chinese engineers kidnapped in Dir are employees of largest telecommunication company of China.

Militants in tribal areas of Pakistan are trying to promote their agenda of extremism at both sides of Pak-Afghan border, ’15 militants were killed when US lead NATO forces had launched attack on a village in South Waziristan on Wednesday,’ unveiled by BBC.
According to local media reports three persons including a woman were killed on Tuesday in Dara Adam Khel during security forces operation.

Militants are under pressure now from both sides of Pak-Afghan border, according to local media reports Taliban militants are now unable to attack police stations in village areas of Peshawar where ample security measures including deployment of Pak Army men have made it impossible for militants to carry on attacks on police stations, due to use of bullet proof cars attack on Lynne Tracy US Consulate principal officer in Peshawar was failed to cause any harm to her a week ago, today Prime Minister of Pakistan escaped attempt on his life due to his bullet proof car in which he was coming back from Lahore to Islamabad.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Eight Militants Killed in Kurram Agency

Kohat police department is dealing with migrants from troubled area of Dara Adam Khel through opening a counter in Ghamkole area of Kohat, due to security forces operation in Dara Adam Khel common people are coming towards Kohat to escape death during frequent encounters between Taliban militants and security forces men.

According to a press release issued by PRO of Kohat police 1500 policemen have been deployed in Kohat district to provide protection to the people on Tuesday. ‘In areas of Kohat adjacent to Dara Adam Khel frequent explosions were heard on Tuesday,’ residents of Kohat have said.

‘Eight more people were killed in clashes between rival groups in Kurram Agency, and Salazai Lashkar had destroyed dozens of militants homes in Bajore the Lashkar had also seized huge cache of arms during operation against militants in troubled area of Bajure tribal Agency,’ it was unveiled by state owned media.

During past few weeks Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gailani had offered peace talks to militants on a pre condition that they shall lay their arms prior to negotiations with government but militants in Bajure and Swat are least willing to lay their weapons, sources have said that foreign hand is providing financial aid to militants, so far more then one hundred girls schools were destroyed by militants in Swat, Tull Parachinar road since November 2007 after outbreak of sectarian violence in Kurram agency is still close for traffic, Kohat Peshawar road through Kohat Friendship Tunnel has been also closed for traffic after Friday suicide bomb attack on security forces residential area near the tunnel.

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Martyres of Democracy

It is an article regarding struggle for democracy in Pakistan.

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Globe.net: 95 Militants killed in Kurram Agency

Globe.net: 95 Militants killed in Kurram Agency

95 Militants killed in Kurram Agency

‘Forty one persons were killed and 65 other were injured in armed clashes between rival groups of Kurram agency on Sunday,’ a source has said. According reports published in local news papers 95 persons were killed and 200 others were injured during armed clashes in Bagazai area of Kurram agency between two rival groups on Sunday. Lower areas of Kurram Agency including Sada are in control of Taliban militants and upper areas of Kurram agency including its capital Parachinar are in control of Mehdi and Hizbullah militias. During armed clashes between these rival groups in last few months more then thousand people were killed, according to international media reports due to scattered dead bodies decaying in the wilderness a virus causing stomach diseases is spread in the area.

Taliban Commander Abdul Samad was reportedly killed on Sunday during security forces search operation in Dara Adam Khel, after Friday suicide bomb attack on residential area of security forces men near Kohat Friendship Tunnel in which eight persons were killed and 37 security forces men including colonel Adnan were injured, security forces had launched operation in Dara Adam Khel, Kohat Friendship Tunnel has been closed for traffic after Friday suicide bomb attack. People from Dara Adam Khel are migrating towards Kohat, a woman while climbing mountains to reach Kohat from Dara Adam Khel was reportedly killed on Sunday.

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