Air and Noise pollution is ultimate result of mass scale vehicles running on streets with their defective silencers and pressure horns in Kohat district, electricity generators owned by shopkeepers of Kohat are also emitting good deal of smoke and noise, noise pollution causes dehydration and smoke causes lung diseases to the people, factories in Kohat without ample environmental safeguards are emitting good deal of dust in the air which effects respiratory system of inhabitants of Kohat district.

Number of vehicles and factories is increased in Kohat during last few years, but no strict measures are taken by local, provincial or federal government to take appropriate steps for protection of environment in the district, smoke emitting and noise spreading rickshaws and other vehicles are running on the streets of Kohat while traffic police men are standing in each square of the city just watching them, interestingly traffic police men are directly inhaling good deal of smoke everyday while standing idol in various squares at roads in Kohat, they are also falling victim to noise pollution, intelligent among them wear mask on their faces to protect themselves from smoke.

Transport mafia, and industrialists mafia is probably so strong in Kohat district that traffic policemen and officers and Health Officer of Kohat and his staff are unable to check violations of environmental laws in the district.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq
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