Fifty years of military dictatorship in Pakistan is resulted in establishment of authoritarian institutions, in Great Britain and USA police department serve the public, in Pakistan police department is utilized to suppress journalists, lawyers and general public, judiciary also help the executive to hold judicial killings of opposition politicians during military dictatorships, constitution guarantees the fundamental rights of the people of Pakistan but executive dominates the judiciary and people can not find justice due to subservient role of judiciary.

Whenever I talk to the victimized highly educated people of middle and lower middle classes in Pakistan, I found them willing to escape towards Europe or USA due to injustices done to them and due to absence of a fair and just governmental setup where speedy justice can be found. Interestingly highly educated social scientists are considered as mad people within their own families in particular and society in general, a graduate from a British university was found mad walking on streets of Kohat and finally had died, during early 60’s he had accomplished his education in Great Britain and came back to his native town Kohat located in NWFP province of Pakistan, he was kept jobless and was forced to get married as usually done in this society, after becoming jobless father of six children he went mad and few years ago he was found dead in his residence.

Premier Gailani is quoted as saying on state owned media today that 17th amendment will be abolished to restore truly independent judiciary in Pakistan, he is a handsome and highly educated person, as premier of Pakistan and being inhabitant of most cultured and polite area of Pakistan he is quite capable of doing so, interestingly he is not groomed by any military dictator, his coalition partner Mian Nawaz Sharif was brought into politics by military dictator Gen Zia, now after getting humiliating treatment from another military dictator General Parvez Musharaf he himself is convinced that only true democracy in Pakistan can keep this country intact. Pakistan was dismembered during military rule of General Yahya in 1971 when Bengali population of Eat Pakistan went up in arms against military ruler of Pakistan.

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Abdur Raziq
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