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Security Arrangements

Kohat Police have made special comprehensive fool proof security arrangements for the month of Ramazan to ensure the protection of life and property of the citizens during Ramazan. These security arrangement for the month of Ramzan-ul-Mubarak were discussed and finalized at a high level meeting chaired by the DPO Kohat Abdullah Khan the meeting was attended by the SP Operations Gulazar Khan, DSP City Ihsanullah, DSP HQrs Lal Farid, DSP Saddar Shakirullah, DSP Legal Qazi Sajid, DSP Lachi Roral Javed Khan and other officers also attended the meeting. DPO informed the Police and a control Room with telephone numbers 0922-9260130,510570,510636 has been setup in the office of Rescue 15 to coordinate and supervise the security arrangements in close coordination with Mosque Committees. He also informed that special security arrangements are in place for the sensitive worship places. DPO said that special security arrangements have also been made for the last Ashra of Ramzan he further informed that Kohat Police has enhances patrolling in Kohat city to ensure the safety of the citizens. He also informed that Police would also give Metal Detectors to Mosque committees for checking purpose. The Ulema assured their full coordination to the administration for maintaining peace and strengthening security arrangements for Mosque and Imam Bargahs. A code of conduct for the security of worship places was also agreed upon in the meeting according to code of conduct, it was decided that only one gate of the worship places would be kept opened. Mosque committee would be activated to ensure the internal security of the worship places and five to six volunteers would be deployed by the Mosque committee to ensure checking and search of the persons through Metal Detectors. The DPO Abdullaha Khan directed to install close circuit Cameras, ensure availibility of security guards and equipping them with Metal Detectors in these jurisdiction the DPO said that all important installations to have eight feet high walls with search lights.The DPO orderd all the SDPOs to visit sensitive installations, assess the security arrangements and submit a report within 24 hours. He directed all the SDPOs to collect data of illegal immigrats including the refugees coming from Parachinar,Orakzai,Waziristan and Darra Adamkhel.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Accountability of government departments in USA is job of Senate Committees, in simple words elected representatives of the people sitting in House of representatives and Senate checks corruption in government departments, Senate Committees play more active role in this respect.

In Pakistan during General Musharaf regime National Accountability Bureau was created to check corruption within government departments, recently by a unanimous resolution members of Senate in Pakistan had demanded abolishment of NAB prior to resignation of General Parvez Musharaf. Argument against existence of NAB forwarded by politicians is that it was used to blackmail politicians. Members of intelligentsia argue that NAB when arrest a corrupt person release him after getting fifty percent of amount embezzled by him, a person guilty of stealing one million rupees from government exchequer after making a deal with NAB can keep half a million rupees with him and can enjoy freedom like freedom itself.

If we judge the practices of past nine years of Musharaf regime concerning accountability we will definitely reach a conclusion that those practices were a sort of compromise with burglars if not a compromise between two burglars. Politicians booked by NAB on charges of corruption were released when they had agreed to join hands with ex president Musharaf, government employees of all ranks arrested on charges of corruption were released through deals stipulating the terms like return of 50% stolen amount to NAB of the total stolen money.

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Abdur Raziq

37 FC Men are Injured in Bomb Explosion(updated)

‘In a bomb explosion at the end of Dara Adam Khel side of Kohat Friendship Tunnel 37 FC men were injured on Friday morning, Kohat Friendship Tunnel is now closed for traffic,’ sources have said। Rescue 15 Kohat police sources have said that only one injured person is so far brought to KDA hospital Kohat, explosion took place at Dara Adam Khel end of Kohat friendship Tunnel। ‘Thirty seven security forces men including colonel Adnan of Orakzai scouts was injured when a suicide bomber in a car laden with explosive had blew himself in colony near Kohat Friendship Tunnel on Friday morning. On Thursday security forces men present in Matani police station of Peshawar had arrested Commander Ajmal and his three accomplices of Tehrik I Taliban from Akhurwal village of Dara Adam Khel, in reaction of that militants had exploded a bridge near Abass square of Dara Adam Khel quite near to the Kohat friendship Tunnel and also had launched suicide bomb attack on a colony near Kohat Tunnel where security forces men were accommodated, around 7 am on Friday morning a white car laden with explosives when had tried to enter in colony security forces men had opened fire on it, only a driver was present in the car suddenly car was exploded and around 37 security forces men including colonel Adnan of Touchi scouts present in the colony were injured all of them are admitted in CMH Kohat for treatment of their injuries. Five civilians including two truck drivers were killed when security forces had opened fire on car of suicide bomber,’ sources have said

Ex Minister Prisons Mr. Hidayatullah Khan has said that since last few days Taliban were quite active in Dara Adam Khel,’ an eyewitness has said that two days ago Taliban militants had stopped a passenger coach in Dara Adam Khel and were seen busy in doing body search of passengers,’ Munawar Orakzai says that on Thursday night Taliban militants of Sheney Kalay Dara Adam Khel around 10pm had spilled oil on road and had set the road on fire according to him three security forces men had succumbed to their injuries in KDA hospital Kohat and fourth injured person is in critical condition. ‘Since morning in near bye areas of Dara Adam Khel of Kohat district frequent explosions were heard,’ eyewitnesses have said.
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Abdur Raziq

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Reform of Authoritarian Institutions in Pakistan

It is an article regarding present state of affairs in Pakistan.

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Pakistan's Presidential Elections (updates)

Thirty-two presidential candidates have filed their nomination papers; prominent among them are Co Chairman of Pakistan People Party Parliamentarian Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, retired Justice Siddiqi of PML (N) and Mr. Mushahid Hussain of PML (Q). Presidential candidates can withdraw their nomination papers till 31st of August, polling will be held on 6th of September 2008.
Co Chairman of PPPP Mr। Asif Ali Zardari is a widower of Muhtarima Benazir Bhutto Shaheed, his victory is quite sure because PPPP, MQM, ANP and JUI elected members in federal and provincial legislatures will vote in his favor, PML (N) has opted for departure from PPPP lead coalition government on issue of restoration of deposed judges but is unable to cause any major upset, PPPP lead coalition still enjoys comfortable majority in alliance with ANP, MQM and JUI.
Nomination papers of three major contestants in Pakistan’s Presidential Elections are approved after scrutiny by Election Commission authorities on Thursday morning; no objection was raised from any quarters against candidacy of Co Chairman of PPPP Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, Mr Mushaid Hussain of PML (Q) and retired Justice Sidiqi of PML (N).
‘Meanwhile 25 militants are killed in Bajure tribal agency on Thursday in ongoing security forces operation against militants,’ ISPR sources have said। According to news bulletin of state owned media nine policemen are killed in remote control bomb attack on police van in Bannu district of NWFP Pakistan on Thursday morning।

Focus of Presidential Election Campaign in Pakistan is elected members of federal and provincial legislatures, presidential candidates are trying to convince their electors to win their votes, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gailani had visited Quetta to win elected members of provincial legislature of Baluchistan in favor of his party presidential candidate Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, according to state owned media Mr. Asif Ali Zardari has the support of PPPP, JUI, MQM, ANP and BNP. PML (N) candidate retired justice Saeed uz Zaman Siddiqi and PML (Q) candidate Mr. Mushahid Hussain are also quite actively striving to win maximum votes.
According to PPPP sources Mr. Asif Ali Zardari will get majority vote from both houses of federal legislature including NWFP, Sindh and Baluchistan provincial assemblies, only in Punjab provincial assembly PML (N) candidate will win majority because of the split in PPPP lead coalition government PML (N) has nominated its own presidential candidate and in Punjab provincial assembly majority seats are with PML (N).

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Abdur Raziq

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Fifty years of military dictatorship in Pakistan is resulted in establishment of authoritarian institutions, in Great Britain and USA police department serve the public, in Pakistan police department is utilized to suppress journalists, lawyers and general public, judiciary also help the executive to hold judicial killings of opposition politicians during military dictatorships, constitution guarantees the fundamental rights of the people of Pakistan but executive dominates the judiciary and people can not find justice due to subservient role of judiciary.

Whenever I talk to the victimized highly educated people of middle and lower middle classes in Pakistan, I found them willing to escape towards Europe or USA due to injustices done to them and due to absence of a fair and just governmental setup where speedy justice can be found. Interestingly highly educated social scientists are considered as mad people within their own families in particular and society in general, a graduate from a British university was found mad walking on streets of Kohat and finally had died, during early 60’s he had accomplished his education in Great Britain and came back to his native town Kohat located in NWFP province of Pakistan, he was kept jobless and was forced to get married as usually done in this society, after becoming jobless father of six children he went mad and few years ago he was found dead in his residence.

Premier Gailani is quoted as saying on state owned media today that 17th amendment will be abolished to restore truly independent judiciary in Pakistan, he is a handsome and highly educated person, as premier of Pakistan and being inhabitant of most cultured and polite area of Pakistan he is quite capable of doing so, interestingly he is not groomed by any military dictator, his coalition partner Mian Nawaz Sharif was brought into politics by military dictator Gen Zia, now after getting humiliating treatment from another military dictator General Parvez Musharaf he himself is convinced that only true democracy in Pakistan can keep this country intact. Pakistan was dismembered during military rule of General Yahya in 1971 when Bengali population of Eat Pakistan went up in arms against military ruler of Pakistan.

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Abdur Raziq


Air and Noise pollution is ultimate result of mass scale vehicles running on streets with their defective silencers and pressure horns in Kohat district, electricity generators owned by shopkeepers of Kohat are also emitting good deal of smoke and noise, noise pollution causes dehydration and smoke causes lung diseases to the people, factories in Kohat without ample environmental safeguards are emitting good deal of dust in the air which effects respiratory system of inhabitants of Kohat district.

Number of vehicles and factories is increased in Kohat during last few years, but no strict measures are taken by local, provincial or federal government to take appropriate steps for protection of environment in the district, smoke emitting and noise spreading rickshaws and other vehicles are running on the streets of Kohat while traffic police men are standing in each square of the city just watching them, interestingly traffic police men are directly inhaling good deal of smoke everyday while standing idol in various squares at roads in Kohat, they are also falling victim to noise pollution, intelligent among them wear mask on their faces to protect themselves from smoke.

Transport mafia, and industrialists mafia is probably so strong in Kohat district that traffic policemen and officers and Health Officer of Kohat and his staff are unable to check violations of environmental laws in the district.

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Abdur Raziq

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tracy Survived an Assassination Attempt on her Life

‘US diplomat Madam Eileen Tracy had survived an assassination attempt on her life in
Peshawar capital of NWFP Pakistan when unknown assassins had opened fire on her car on Tuesday morning. She was heading towards her office when on railway road assassins sitting in a car had opened fire on her with fire arms, she was traveling in bullet proof car bullets had partially damaged her car but she remained safe,’ it was unveiled in a news bulletin of BBC.
According to state owned media reports when fire was opened on her car she had accidentally hit a passing by rickshaw; rickshaw driver was reportedly injured in the accident। According to news reports published in different dailies of Pakistan Lynne Tracy Principal Officer in US consulate Peshawar when came out from her residence in her bullet proof car on Tuesday morning along with guards and driver to reach her office from a car waiting at roadside five AK 47 rifle shots were fired at her car by unknown assassins, the bullets had hit body of the car, her driver when had reversed the car to take her back home a rickshaw was hit by her car, rickshaw driver Ali Gohar was injured. Lynne Tracy her two guards and her driver are safe, no harm was done to them because the assassins were probably not well trained and they had missed the wind shield of her car while firing bullets at it, besides AK 47 rifle can shower around 74 bullets at one time but only five bullets were fired at her car.

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Abdur Raziq

Adulterated Ice cream Sticks

‘Adulterated Ice cream sticks are causing ill health to small children,’ says Mushir Naqvi of Military Accounts Kohat. A Pakistani owner of ice cream sticks factory in Kohat says, ‘Six Ice cream sticks producing factories are producing cheap ice cream sticks popularly known as Malai Qulfi in Kohat district only two factories are owned by Pakistani nationals, rest of the four factories are owned by Afghan refugees. Prices of Shikreen, Dry milk, electricity and petrol are gone up, but Afghan refugee owners of ice cream sticks producing factories are still selling ice cream sticks at cheap rate of 50 paisa per ice cream stick, shopkeepers pick their product because it is cheap and children can buy it, that is why we have to bring the standard of our product down to compete in the market with Afghan producers.’
He has further said that an Afghan refugee owner of ice cream sticks factory has sold his daughter in half a million rupees, we Pakistanis can not do this, he has now enough money to destroy our business by selling his products at cheap rates. Four ice cream sticks production factories owned by Afghan refugees are located on Kohat Hangu road while two factories owned by Pakistani nationals are located in Chicken market (Chargo Mandai) and in Bannu Bazzr of Kohat.

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Abdur Raziq
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Poet of the East Ahmed Faraz had breathed his last after protracted illness in a hospital of Islamabad, his funeral prayers will be held at 3:30pm in Islamabad on capital of Pakistan on Monday night. Tuesday। Ahmed Faraz was a distinguished poet and a seasoned bureaucrat, he had headed Academy of letters and National Book foundation during his lifetime, his date of birth was 14th January 1931, and his real name was Syed Ahmed Shah, he was author of sixteen books which were mostly collection of his poetry, his father Mr. Burq was also an eminent poet of his times, ancestral home of Ahmed Faraz Burq Manzil is located in Kohat city of NWFP Pakistan.

As a poet he was tilted towards romanticism, his romantic poems were quite popular in Pakistani youth, famous female singer Tahira Syed used to sing his poems; eminent singer Mehdi Hassan had also recorded many Ghazals of Ahmed faraz in his melodious voice.

Ahmed Faraz poetry also carry a message of revolution, progress and change, he was close associate of Chairman Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto of Pakistan Peoples party, during periods of military rule in Pakistan Ahmed Faraz used to opt for self exile in India or London.

I was introduced to him in Islamabad when he came to read his poetry before students of Qauid I Azam University, I was also invited along with my other student colleagues to attend and hear his poetry, I was accompanied by Madhoori Chawla, Asma Fahri Abu Talib, Nargis Rasheed, Ishtiaq, Tariq Abdullah and Nasir Khan in hall of Chemistry department of QAU where he was cordially invited for reading his poetry before the professors and students, my Jordanian friends, Tariq Abdullah and Asma Fakhri Abu Talib were unable to understand Urdu but they were so impressed from his voice and style that for two long hours we all kept listening to him, during the break we met him and praised his poetry, he was delighted when I told him that I am also from his native town Kohat and from the same locality where his ancestral home is located.
During February elections when my brother Abdur Rauf advocate was awarded with Peoples Party Ticket to contest election for National Assembly seat NA 14 Kohat, Barrister Syed Masood Kausar brother of Ahmed Faraz had given his ancestral home Burq Manzil which became campaign headquarter of PPPP in Kohat.

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Poet of the East Ahmed Faraz has breathed his last after protracted illness in a hospital of Islamabad, his funeral prayers will be held at 3:30pm in Islamabad capital of Pakistan on Tuesday.

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Poet of the East Ahmed Faraz has breathed his last after protracted illness in a hospital of Islamabad, his funeral prayers will be held at 3:30pm in Islamabad capital of Pakistan on Tuesday.

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It is an article about Rubab a traditional musical instrument in NWFP Pakistan.

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Pak Army major killed in Kohat

It is a news story regarding a major of Pakistan Army martyred by unknown killers in Kohat district of NWFP Pakistan.

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Crime Report

It is a news story regarding state of affairs in Kohat district of NWFP Pakistan.

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Kohat Library

It is a news story regarding demolished library building in Kohat district of NWFP Pakistan.

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Seven Taliban Militants Killed in Khost

It is a news story regarding present state of affairs in Pakistan and about armed clash between NATO Forces and Taliban militants in Khost province of Afghanistan.

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Target Killings

It is a news story about fresh incidents of violence in Kohat district of NWFP Pakistan.

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Surgeon Liaqat is killed in his Private Clinic

It is a news story regarding murder of a surgeon, he was killed in his private clinic located in posh area of KDA Kohat.

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Eight Hours Long Search Operation

It is a news story regarding present state of affairs in Kohat district of NWFP Pakistan.

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Beards and Fears

It is an article regarding state of affairs in Kohat district of NWFP Pakistan.

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Gang of Five is Busted

It is a news story regarding arrest of accused criminals in Kohat district of NWFP Pakistan.

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Pressure Cooker Device

It is a news story regarding recent events of violence occured in Kohat district of NWFP Pakistan.

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Quality of education in KPK