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Load Shedding

It is a news story regarding load shedding of electricity and corruption within WAPDA department.

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Load Shedding

It is a news story regarding load shedding of electricity and corruption within WAPDA department.

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Load Shedding

It is a news story regarding load shedding of electricity and corruption within WAPDA department.

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Operation Against Militants

Three tribesmen are killed on Friday by militants in South Waziristan, according to a news report aired by private media channel letter was found near their dead bodies in which it was mentioned that all these three deceased persons were spying for USA and upon their information US Predator planes were carrying out attacks on hideouts of militants.

According to the same channel news report in on going military operation in Hangu district of NWFP Pakistan so far 10 persons are killed four aid camps including one camp in Kohat is established to help the people of Hangu district, both in Doaba and Hangu curfew is imposed by government authorities.

‘In Bara area of Khyber Agency one person is killed in a bomb explosion on Friday and in Teerah Vally power struggle between two rival groups Lashkar I Islam and Ansarul Islam is still going on in Teerah valley of Khyber Agency, Lashkar I Islam is reportedly loosing the battle, meanwhile few FATA representatives have demanded deployment of UN forces on Pak-Afghan border. Two missiles on Mehmand tribal agency was also fire on Friday from Afghanistan, no damage to life or property was done missiles were landed on hills, ’ it was unveiled by a private TV channel.

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Abdur Raziq

Two Persons are Killed in Kohat District of NWFP Pakistan

It is a news story about two different incidents in which two persons are killed in Kohat district of NWFP Pakistan.

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Famous Poet Ahmed Faraz is Alive

Famous Poet of Pakistan Ahmed Faraz is still alive and is under treatment in a hospital in USA, news aired by PTV regarding his demise was refuted by his son Shibli Faraz in a telephonic conversation with Abdur Rauf advocate General Secretary Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarian Kohat. Mr. Ahmed Faraz is a kidney patient and is still under treatment in a hospital in USA.

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Abdur Raziq

Myth of Invincibility regarding Tribal Areas

It is an essay regarding historical background of military adventures in tribal areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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Peace Negotiations with Militants

‘Pakistan, USA and Afghanistan can jointly meet out the challenge posed by militants, I’ll discuss this issue with prime minister Gailani in forthcoming meeting,’ Official media sources have quoted president Bush as saying this.

‘Militants can capture any area in Pakistan now,’ Maulana Fazl ur Rehman has said. ‘Peace negotiations between Taliban militants in Hangu district and government authorities will be held on Tuesday, during last few days 17 FC men including their commanding officer are killed when their convoy was ambushed near Zargari Bazaar area of Hangu, 29 government forces men are captured by Taliban militants after arrest of seven militants in Doaba area of Hangu, dead bodies of FC men killed in ambush were handed over to government authorities after nineteen hours of negotiations through council of elders,’ official sources have said.

‘From Sheen Dhand tribal area of Kohat district four Khasadars of Para military force are kidnapped by militants on Monday, two militants are arrested by Kohat police in Kohat district,’ a source has said.

In Angore Ada area of Waziristan between US lead NATO forces and Pakistan’s security forces heavy exchange of fire on Monday is reported by a private TV Channel, the channel has also reported unusually heavy concentration of US troops on Pak- Afghan border.

Spokesman of ISPR has refuted the reports regarding unusual movement of US troops on Pak-Afghan border, spokes man of Pakistan’s foreign office has also refuted allegations made by Afghan president Mr. Hamid Karazai.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Puppy in a Fruit Basket

After my arrival in Parachinar capital of Kurram Agency along with my two cousins to spend summer holidays in year 1980 with family of my friend Akhlaq Hussain in his residence located in Kachehry(vicinity of courts), I came out to have a stroll in garden filled with apple trees, official residence of his Ikhlaq Hussain's father Hassan Ali uncle was built during British Raj, adjacent to the house a large guest house was also part of his residence, just opposite to the guest house their was a big lawn in which under a shed easy chairs were kept, we often used to enjoy rain which is quite common phenomena in Parachinar capital of Kurram Agency, while sitting under the shed in Lawn having dry fruits and tea amid heavy rainfall  gave a great delight to us. Adjacent to the lawn was big garden of apple trees unlike apples of Swat which are big in size apples in Parachinar are of a small size but the taste of Parachinar apple has no match, it is marvelous.
While walking alone in the garden near a small patch of corn plants suddenly I came across a lion looking straight at me, I was looking into eyes of that magnificent creature when Akhlaq Hussain appeared in the garden along with his favorite double barrel Czechoslovakian gun, I felt his presence when he called my nick name loudly, I was literally mesmerized by the lion sitting in attacking position in the corn plants at few yards distance from me, I silently pulled out my hands from pockets of my warm jacket to catch his gun, after looking at the lion he had realized the gravity of situation but suddenly he had started laughing when lion had started moving his tale while getting near him, I was astonished to see the behavior of lion he was behaving like a dog. Akhlaq started moving his hand on lions head, he had ordered the lion in Pushto to move away from us and obediently the lion went away, then Akhlaq came up with explanation that the lion looking creature is his Ghiljay dog, his men had bought the puppy from Afghan nomads of Ghilji tribe two years ago, and the puppy is turned into a big dog now but due to its rare breed it looks like a lion.
At end of our weeklong stay Akhlaq Hussain had presented a puppy of Ghiljay breed to me as a gift in a large fruit basket, mother of the puppy was pointer and father was Ghiljay but the puppy had inherited dominant genes of his father, two months old puppy was equal to a normal fully grown dog in size, while moving in a vehicle with me and my two cousins towards Kohat from Parachinar the puppy was looking quite normal and civilized, when we had reached Doaba vehicle was stopped we all came out from vehicle to take a break during long journey towards Kohat, from open mouth of large basket puppy came out and after crossing the door of our transport vehicle the puppy landed on roadside after urination it had jumped back into vehicle and had placed himself into his basket again.
I had kept that puppy with me for few months due to its long hair puppy was affected with hot weather of Kohat while going out for a stroll with me it used to beat the strangers with his paw like a lion, the puppy was fond of beating kids with his paws trying to be bit naughty with him but had never used his paw nails to hurt any one, the puppy had never barked like a dog nor had ever roared like a lion but was growing big in his size with each passing day. I went to Murree hills during next summer with my cousins and friends, when I came back I was informed that my dog is handed over to my relatives residing in village area of Kohat by my family because due to its large size it was dangerous to keep within our Kohat city residence. When I had secretly started making efforts to get my dog back again  all my efforts went in vain. For few months I was really sad and was missing my dog but was finally convinced by my elders to forget the dog because due to his large size it was becoming dangerous and uncontrollable.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pak_India Relations

Indain Army had opened fire on check post of Pakistan Army in Hajeera sector of Rawla Kote Kashmir, two cannon balls were fired at Pakistani check post along with light weapons fire, by opening retaliatory fire with Moratar Guns Pakistan Army had silenced the Indian Army cannons. According to reports published in Pakistan’s print media on Thursday afternoon at two o’ clock Indian Army had opened fire on Pakistan Army Check post located in Buttel area of Hajeera sector, Indian guns went silent after retaliatory mortar fire from Pakistan Army, no loss of life was done, Pakistan had registered protest and DG military Operations has demanded flag meeting with his Indian counter part to discuss the issue.

Meanwhile Indian Chief of the Army staff in Delhi capital of India has blamed ISI for attack on Indian embassy in Kabul in which forty persons were killed and 140 persons were injured, according to media reports he has said that ISI can be behind the attack on Indian embassy in Kabul.

Soon after creation of Pakistan and India in August 1947 both the neighboring countries had experienced two major wars in 1965 and in 1971 against each other, limited wars like Run of Kutch, Siachin and Kargul are also now part of history of Pak-India relations. India since its creation is at war with its neighbors, in 1962 it had declared war on China, Portuguese colony Goa was forcefully included in India by Indian Army, neighboring state of Bhutan is virtually turned into Indian satellite state, due to Indian intervention in Sri Lankan affairs, Prime Minister Rajive Gandhi had lost his life in a suicide bomb attack carried out by Tamil militant on him.

Due to existence of nuclear deterrence chances of third major war between India and Pakistan are quite bleak, usual skirmishes on Kashmir line of control will be their till the resolution of Kashmir dispute between both countries, it will be quite prudent for the leadership of both countries to resolve the differences through peaceful means, a senior analyst is of the view that incident of suicide bomb attack on Indian embassy in Kabul is an effort from unknown quarters to embitter Pak-India relations.

More then half of Indian population is living in subhuman conditions due to its war torn economy and large defense budget, in Kashmir, Meezoram and Naga Land people are up in arms against Indian repression, though India is a democracy and political power rests with middle class educated leaders, but the leadership of India due to its hegemonic designs in South Asia and Middle East region has ignored the development of India and had concentrated on developing its nuclear arsenal and large standing army. Due to aggressive foreign policy of India, people of India in particular and people of South Asia in general are economically strangulated.

Educated and enlightened Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has lost majority in Indian Loke Sabhah due to rift with its leftist coalition partners just before signing nuclear arms agreement with USA and IAEA, he was quite capable leader and have worked for improvement in India’s economy, relation between India and Pakistan were on track of normalization during his present tenure as prime minister, eminent Indian journalist Mr. Kuldip Nayer in his recent article had lamented that BJP an Indian political party with its sectarian agenda is bent upon eliminating secularism from India and there is little hope for survival of secular Congress I lead coalition government.

In case of election if BJP came into power with its anti secularism agenda, Christian, Muslims, Sikhs and other minorities living in India will be in difficult situation. Minority workers working in Indian Industries owned by Hindu extremists enroll themselves with their fake Hindu names to get employment, Hindu extremists united under BJP banner are not only a danger for minorities in India but due to their hegemonic designs regarding expansion of Indian territory till Middle East and South Asia can endanger world peace too.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Private Armies in Tribal Areas of Pakistan are a Scattered Force

Seven Taliban militants including an important commander Rafi Ullah of Baitullah Mehsood group are arrested along with weapons and their two cars in Hangu on Wednesday during flag march of Hangu police, all the arrested militants are shifted to unknown place, in retaliation Taliban militants had seiged Doaba police station of Hangu district and have kidnapped four police men and one FC soldier, Doaba bazaar is closed now negotiations between Taliban militants and district administration of Hangu are underway, meanwhile paramilitary troops are deployed in the area to ameliorate the law and situation in Doaba.

Since last few years Hangu district is in grip of sectarian violence and growing Taliban militants activities, Hangu is a small city surrounded by small villages, police training center is located in Hangu district in between the city a huge mountain alongside of Hangu Bazaar makes it safe from air attacks, Khans of Hangu mostly from Bangash tribe are famous for their riches, large residences and Hujras. Hangu district shares border with turbulent area of North Waziristan, Orakzai Agency and Kurram Agency. In between Kohat and Hangu on Kohat Hangu road Bangash tribesmen of both Shia and Sunni sects are inhabited in villages of Ustarzai, Muhammadzai, and Nasrat Khel.

In 1979 I had attended a marriage function of my class fellow of high school days and friend Dr Faiz Bangash in Hangu he was getting married to his cousin in 19 years of age, soon after completion of his MBBS from Khyber Medical College of Peshawar University, during his marriage function first time in life I was introduced to Pukhtoon culture in Hangu, after Nikah the bride was brought to the groom’s residence, friends of groom and other guests were served with dinner, a dancer girl from Mardan was brought to entertain guests and friend with her dance, viewers were throwing currency notes over the dancer while she was dancing on the floor in a circle of viewers, the dancer was pretty and was fully clothed and was also singing songs in Pushto.

Hangu district has got numerous schools and a government college, General Bangash of Hangu district was appointed as governor of NWFP, top Engineers and bureaucrats in WAPDA are from Hangu district, streams and forests of Hangu are big attraction for hunters and visitors, near Jauzara stream of Hangu on top of the hill Jauzara rest house built by British rulers of subcontinent during summers is always filled with visitors, during my recent visit of Jauzara stream I had witnessed hash smoking tribesmen along with their weapons and daggers hanging around their wastes sitting at the side walls of natural springs of water in Jauzara, during our one hour stay at Jauzara stream we had enjoyed a swim in natural spring waters before lunch. No sectarian tension was visible among hash smoking tribesmen of Jauzara area around stream.

During past few years of sectarian violence large scale migration from Hangu towards Kohat is witnessed, many families from Hangu have migrated towards Kohat and are living in rented houses in posh area of KDA Kohat. Around 57 families have migrated from Parachinar to Kohat to escape sectarian violence. Road between Tull to Parachinar is closed for traffic from last eight months, due to spill over affects, violence in different forms is spread over in Hangu due to its common borders with sectarian violence hit Kurram agency and Taliban militants dominated North Waziristan area. According to a local journalist due to large scale unemployment and ignorance tribesmen are maintaining their private armies, they only provide food and weapon to their soldiers in return of their services and loyalties, in Bara area of Khyber Agency one tribal militant leader Mangal Bagh alone has got one hundred and fifty thousand armed men in his private Army known as Lashkar I Islam. Mangal Bagh had signed peace agreement with government on Wednesday and now Bara Bazaar is open for customers.
Private Armies of tribal militants are a scattered force, in Waziristan Baitullah Mehsood and Maulvi Nazeer are two important rival militant groups leaders, in Khyber agency five rival groups of militants normally fight against each other in their quest for dominance, in Parachinar and Sada areas of Kurram agency violence erupts between Shia and Sunni sect militants, same is the case in Hangu. In case all the these tribal groups under a traditional unanimous decision in council of elders form a united force for a common cause against Pakistan security forces and US lead NATO force in Afghanistan will come in a position to challenge both, currently they can only become headache for political administration of tribal agencies and can commit crimes like kidnap for ransom in settled areas of NWFP. But due to prevailing tribal and sectarian biases among the tribesmen chances of emergence of any unified force are grim.
Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Joint Search Operation of FC and Police

A dozen proclaimed offenders and 60 other criminals are arrested during joint search operation of Kohat police and Law enforcement agencies on Tuesday night. According to a press release issued by PRO Kohat police Mr. Fazal Naeem during the search operation in different areas of Kohat district including Ublen Afghan Refugee camp, Jerma Afghan refugee camp, Ghulam Banda Afghan refugee camp Jungle Khel, Bazid Khel, Kharmato, Dhoda Togh Bala, Gumbat, Lachi and border area of tribal belt, from arrested miscreants 16 Klashinkoves, 7 Kalakoves, 2 Hand Grenades, 20 Rifles, 23 Short Guns, 50 pistols, 65 Chargers, and 3450 Cartridges, 60kg Cannabis, and 65 bottles of liquor are recovered from them. Kohat Police and Frontier Constabulary men and officers in a joint search operation on Tuesday night against anti social elements had arrested 12 proclaimed offenders and 60 other miscreants under supervision of District Police Officer Kohat Mr. Abdullah Khan.
Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Drugs, Refugees and Militants

Afghan refugee brother and sister along with flock of sheep

After Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, four million Afghan refugees had crossed the PAK-Afghan border to escape death, till 1989 Soviets were defeated and were compelled to retreat from Afghanistan, during Taliban rule in Afghanistan refugees were reluctant to go back, after demise of Taliban rule and with arrival of Mr. Hamid Karazai in power through elections in 2004 no substantial change is witnessed in terms of return of Afghan refugees to their homeland, good number of refugees are still living within Pakistan.

In Kohat district Ghamkole refugee camp, Ublun camp and Ghulam Banda refugee camp are main spots where refugees are living in mud houses, in Paracha Town Kohat mud houses are constructed by refugees for their residence, in Kohat city and suburban areas of Kohat refugees are residing in brick and mud houses from last 27 years or so.

Refugee children born in early 90’s on Pakistani soil are now full grown men and women, such refugees in Kohat can speak local Hindku language, and can be found driving public transport vehicles on Kohat KDA road, just opposite to posh area of KDA Kohat Ghamkole refugee camp is located on Kohat Dara Adam Khel road, along the railway track on Kohat Pindi road mud houses of refugees can be seen, they are scattered every where, in posh area of Paracha Town Kohat refugee men and children along with their flock of sheep and goats can be seen moving within the streets of Paracha Town.

Refugee women residing in mud houses wear Ghagira and heavy Shalwar, but educated refugee women wear Shalwar Qameez like Pakistani women, Afghan refugee women works hard and is victim of traditional slave trade, in dense forest of Hangu district while hunting for pray when I went deep into the forest with a rifle near a stream I suddenly came across around five Afghan refugee girls collecting water from the stream, my host told me that refugees are living in tents installed in forest. Refugee women with a huge pitcher of water on her head can travel for miles to bring water to her family, near Ublan camp I had witnessed a gorgeous Afghan refugee girl moving on sharp stones bare footed with a huge pitcher of water on her head to provide water to her family.

Even in Jalalabad city of Afghanistan condition of Afghan women and girls is not so good, while eating lunch in a restaurant of Jalalabad I was enjoying the pleasant weather of Jalalabad when a ten years old young girl with her torn Ghagira came near me and had asked for charity, I was bewildered to see the beauty of young child and had poured out few notes from my pocket to help her. Women in Jalalabad are also victim of slave trade; parents receive good money while marrying them even to old people.

When I had questioned a young Afghan regarding Opium Brides he has said in Southern provinces of Afghanistan Opium crop is cashed by the owners and no incidents of giving daughters in return of debts to money lenders for marriage after destruction of Opium crops are witnessed, no one can harm Opium crop in Southern districts of Afghanistan which are under control of Taliban militants. The young Afghan has said that Afghans living in refugee camps of Pakistan come to Afghanistan to fight against US lead NATO forces.

According to a local journalist all militant commanders are drug barrens, latest weapons are bought with drug money to fight against Pakistan security forces in tribal areas of Pakistan and US lead NATO forces in Afghanistan. I had witnessed huge stocks of Cannabis in a big hall located in Kalaya area of Orakzai Agency cannabis was saved in bags of goat skin, bearded owner of the cannabis stock had offered us green tea, then we were moved to see a factory located in a basement where cannabis was produced, on basement stairs big portrait of General Zia ul Haq was pasted by the owners, Kalaya area is inhabited by Orakzai tribesmen most of the houses in serene valley of Kalaya were built of mud bricks, large houses with high boundary walls equipped with bunkers and holes for rifle barrels on top of the roofs, a journalist from Orakzai Agency had told me ‘Pumpkin cooked in water is served to abducted person, kidnapped for ransom from settled areas and kept in these big houses’.
In most of the refugee camps located within Kohat district refugees are living under subhuman conditions, women and children are exposed to extreme weathers during summers mud houses and tents become extremely hot and due to lack of sanitation facilities various diseases breakout in these camps, due to scarcity of water in these camps refugees emit bad smell specially refugee women smells really bad. Human beings are exposed to all these hardships due to ideological conflict between Soviet and US bloc countries in the past, UNHCR is making efforts to send back Afgahn refugees from Pakistan off and on UNHCR offers money to the families willing to go back to Afghanistan, it shall speed up its efforts to eliminate the hardships of refugees living in subhuman conditions in Pakistan.

Written and submitted by

Abdur Raziq

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Islamic Sharia Law

Islamic Sharia law will be implemented in Malakand Division of NWFP within next three months, NWFP government after negotiations with local Taliban leadership of Swat has announced its decision on Monday, NWFP government have also decided to provide monetary compensation to the victims of Pakistan’s Security forces action in Swat, all police stations will be reopened in Swat and Taliban militants will abstain from show of arms and patrolling in the area. Peace agreement between Taliban and NWFP government will remain intact.

Imposition of Sharia law in economically impoverished Malakand Division is a hasty decision, prior to imposition of welfare aspect of Islam imposition of Sharia law will be meaningless and will pave the way for further anarchy in this area, in Saudi Arab Sharia Laws are implemented but welfare aspect of Islam is also taken into consideration, rich Saudi government distribute its oil revenues in Saudi Public and in turn impose harsh punishments on those whom are committing crimes despite of fulfillment of their economic needs.

People in Malakand division are living in conditions of extreme poverty and ignorance economic uplift through implementation of welfare aspect of Islam prior to imposition of Sharia Law will be a prudent option, besides Taliban militants if opt for participation in electoral process to get majority support in Malakand division will be in a better position to impose Islamic Laws, armed Taliban minority if have succeeded to implement laws of its own choice with agreement of democratically elected government of NWFP upon majority of the residents of Malakand division it will be a great setback for Awami National Party Government in NWFP, ANP is popular because of its democratic and nonviolent stance in domain of politics in Pakistan, if its leadership is cowed down by armed minority of Taliban militants of Swat it will not be a good omen for future of democracy in Pakistan.

Armed minorities are already challenging government writ in tribal areas adjacent to NWFP province of Pakistan by establishing parallel governments, Pukhtoon tradition of unanimous decisions in meeting of council of elders is already violated in Khyber Agency at least five militant groups alone in Khyber Agency are involved in power struggle to impose their own brands of Islam in Khyber Agency. Democratically elected representatives in provincial and National Assembly of Pakistan are the real spokesman of the people of Malakand Division and rest of the tribal areas, they are elected through majority vote and are in a better position to promote the aspirations of their voters.

In India dacoit Weerapan and female dacoit Pholan Devi were unable to cow down the elected governments of their respective regions though both have ruled for years and police was unable to get hold of them but eventually both were killed, reality of Taliban militants and pro Taliban religious political parties of Pakistan is much of the same harbingers of Taliban ideology living within settled areas immediately start charging taxes from their neighbors the moment Taliban militants start dominating the scene, in one such incident a ten year old Taliban boy in Kohat district had demanded ten rupees as tax money from his fellow student in evening madrassa as precondition for attending the mosque for him. The said child involved in extortion of money is grandson of a senior member of Jamat I Islami in Kohat district.

Dacoits in disguise of Islamic militants are spreading their tentacles in Pakistan, in absence of fair and transparent system of government people are loosing trust in ability of government machinery regarding redress of their genuine grievances, immediate steps to improve the situation if not taken by elected representatives, soon the armed minorities will start dictating their terms in shape of peace agreements with government already large scale extortion activity is underway in settled areas of Pakistan militants are not only surviving on extortion money but are maintaining high standards of living for themselves.

In large cities like Karachi reaction against burglars and extortionists was quite severe few of them were burnt alive in recent past by public, in other parts of the country majority being victim of extortion and excesses of militants and their sympathizers in government departments is also boiling up with anger, Pakistan People Party Parliamentarian lead coalition government has inherited these problems, efforts of present government to control wheat and electricity shortages are quite successful, Bara Operation against militants of Khyber Agency has also diminished the threat of militants take over of NWFP.
Comprehensive reforms in government system to ensure restoration of fundamental rights of the people through parliament in Pakistan can only guarantee lasting stability, much depends upon ability of political leadership of the country, in present set up existence of two executive heads has become a cause of conflict between President and Prime Minister, past excesses made by existing few leaders against each other is also causing great harm to this country, if political process is not hampered by another Martial Law through electoral process power will gradually shift to its legitimate owners.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Monday, July 7, 2008

Existence Of Terrorist Network

A suicide bomber had sneaked into federal capital of Pakistan despite of three step security arrangements and visit of Mr. Rehman Malik advisor of prime minister to check the security arrangements made to avoid any untoward incident during conference of religious scholars in Lal Masjid of Islamabad on Sunday. A credible source had told me more such attacks are likely to happen in reaction of security forces operation in Bara area of Khyber Agency. So far 19 persons are including fifteen police men are reportedly killed in a suicide bomb attack carried out near Melody Chowk of Islamabad.
Through out the recent history of war on terror suicide bombers had caused causalities their few attempts were failed to cause harm either to security forces men or to general public. Efficient information network watching the movement of suicide bombers, preemptive strikes on their training camps, and use of robots to confront suicide bombers are few options to be considered to confront this menace.
Manufacturing of suicide bombers jackets filled with explosives shall also be prohibited UNO shall consider this issue in General Assembly to restrain UN member countries involved in manufacturing of such jackets.
On Monday in Kabul 28 persons are killed in a suicide bomb attack when a suicide bomber had attacked Indian embassy in Kabul, according to international media sources poor visa seekers are killed embassy high ups have survived the attack.
In fact training camps of suicide bombers within Afghanistan as cited out by a BBC correspondent are the source of current trouble, such camps in Waziristan were destroyed earlier by Pakistan Army detailed account of it was given to media persons by ISPR spokesman few months earlier.
No stranger can carry out suicide bomb attacks without guidance of local supporters, Pindi and Islamabad are big cities even in small towns a foreigner can not find his target without guidance of local supporters, intelligence agencies shall also consider this aspect to reach truth behind suicide bomb attacks and murder attempts on prominent personalities, P [resident Parvez Musharaf had survived two suicide bomb attacks, Muhtarima Benazir Bhutto was martyred in Liaqat Park of Rawal Pindi. All these incidents clearly depict that a network does exist which is spread over Pakistan’s main cities and is well connected with its fellow terrorists beyond the borders of Pakistan.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Nineteen Women and Three Children became Victim of US Lead NATO Forces Attack(updated version)

Recent View of Lal Mosque Islamabad
15 persons are killed and 35 persons are injured in suicide bomb explosion near Melody Chowk Islamabad on Sunday evening, most of the persons killed are policemen, ‘three steps security measures were taken to avoid any untoward incident during conference of religious scholars in Lal Mosque of Islamabad, a suicide bomber had appeared from bushes and blew himself near wooden stalls where police contingent was deployed,’ a highly placed official source has said.‘Suicide bomb attack was a reaction to ongoing Bara Operation in Khyber Agency, danger of more attacks does exist in Islamabad,’ a source has said.

‘Nineteen women and three children are killed on Sunday in Ningarhar province of Afghanistan when US lead NATO forces have launched an attack on a wedding party held in Nooristan area of the province. NATO spokesman had claimed that militants were killed in the attack. President Hamid Karazai has ordered investigation to determine the exact situation,’ it was unveiled by state owned media in Pakistan.
‘Meanwhile in Khyber Agency political administration has relaxed curfew hours in Bara area and negotiations are underway to reach settlement with militant groups leadership, five thousand security forces men will remain deployed in troubled Khyber Agency tribal area located near Pak-Afghan border,’ official sources have said.

A conference of religious scholars is held in Lal Mosque of Islamabad on Sunday which was addressed by religious scholars, all of them in their speeches have demanded immediate release of Maulana Abdul Aziz and revival of Jamia Hafsa, advisor to prime minister Mr. Rehman Malik had visited Lal Mosque to check security arrangements and had conversed with religious scholars, while talking to newsmen Mr. Malik has said that it is democratic right of the religious scholars to hold public meeting in Lal Mosque of Islamabad.
Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Darkest Hour Of Pakistan's History

On 5th July 1977 Pakistan was plunged into clutches of worst military dictatorship, its elected prime minister Chairman Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Shaheed was arrested, martial law administrator Gen Zia in his address to the nation soon after taking power had promised election within 90 days, but those 90 days were turned into nightmare of his dictatorial rule of 10 years, during which elected prime minister Chairman Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Shaheed was sentenced to death, finally in air crash General Zia was killed in Bahawalpur, the dictator was gone but his legacy in shape of Taliban militants, millions of Afghan refugees and destruction of Pakistan’s political institutions is still haunting the people in this land of pure.

Bonapartist Genral Zia had exploited Islam to extend his illegitimate rule, organs of the government were reshaped Judicial organ as rightly claimed by Muhtarima Benazir Bhutto Shaheed in her book Daughter of the East was used to commit judicial murder of the elected prime minister Chairman Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Shaheed, Klashinkove culture in academic institutions of Pakistan was introduced by Gen Zia through his B team Jamat I Islami, in government jobs only recommendations of Jamat I Islami leadership was the criteria, merit was completely ignored foundations of federation were weakened during his regime through redefinition of the constitutional role of Judicial, Executive and legislative organs of the government, one man rule was established, necessary amendments in constitution on gun point were made to make Judiciary and Legislature subservient to Executive.

General Zia while staging coup had ignored the fact that Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Shaheed had negotiated deal with India to release 90000 Pakistan Army men and Officers from Indian jails, and had got back the occupied territory captured by Indian army during 1971 war, and had reestablished Pakistan Armed Forces as potent force and had also started Pakistan’s nuclear program to make this country invincible. Ambition for power makes the people blind, they ignore the national interest, but promote their self-interest at any cost. General Zia did the same. Pakistan Armed Forces and an institution are pride of the nation but it individual acts of its Bonapartist Generals and their collaborators had brought bad name for the institution.

Chairman Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Shaheed being a graduate from Berkley USA had proved his worth by putting the country on road to progress and development, he had established International Relation departments and Area Study Centers in Universities of Pakistan to provide future leadership to this country, had created political consciousness among the masses to pave the way for creation of democratic and egalitarian society. Now Generals involved in coup against him are offering apologies to the nation, these retired Generals of Pakistan Army had realized that little knowledge is dangerous and mere matriculation certificate is not enough to lead a country like Pakistan in present day world.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Friday, July 4, 2008

Relief Work Amid Flying Heat Seeking Missiles and Rocket Shells

After attending lecture on US history me, our professor Iftikhar Haider Malik and two other class fellows were having chat while standing in front of library located on second floor, when the building of Area Study Center of Quaid I Azam University Islamabad was rocked by explosion, professor Malik had guessed ‘probably Attock Oil Refinery had caught fire’, series of explosions was witnessed by us within short span of fifteen minutes, suddenly my friend Nasir Khan had appeared on the scene and had said ‘ammunition depot at Ojhri Camp is destroyed and missiles are flying in the skies of Islamabad’, he was worried about father of his brother in law, the old man was gone to a shop located near Ojhri Camp to buy Naswar for himself.

Me, Nasir Khan and Agha Zahid Hillali amid flying heat seeking missiles were heading towards Nasir’s residence in Islamabad to find out old man from the area near Ojhri Camp in a small biscuit color car, in G-9 sector of Islamabad we had soon succeeded to locate the old man alive walking towards his home, being a retired JCO of Pakistan Army the old man was quite fit and energetic, he had survived one of the most devastating scene of destruction. Soon we and many other students in Islamabad had started helping victims of missiles, and rocket shells, we had poured out all money from our pockets to buy life saving drugs for victims and helped every patient admitted in Rawalpindi General Hospital.

In hospital we had heard a dreaded news that a federal minister Mr. Khaqan Abbasi is hit by a heat seeking missile near Faizabad while he was heading towards Islamabad in his car and is expired now, during our relief activity amid flying missiles and rocket shells we had witnessed a scene in Satellite town area which can be only depicted as pool of blood and two rocket shells no other human remains of the victims were left behind.

Islamabad was giving a deserted look at that day, residents were fled towards Muree hills to escape certain death, traffic was controlled by student volunteers, young student volunteers in absence of traffic police men were controlling the mad traffic, each vehicle driver was madly striving to run out from Islamabad to escape certain death from flying missiles and rocket shells.

On Wednesday evening a journalist friend of mine on a cup of tea in his office revealed that now in Labor room of Liaqat Memorial Hospital Kohat male doctors and male nurses are appointed to handle deliveries of women, female doctors and female nurses under threat from Taliban militants are removed from Maternity ward of the said hospital and two Taliban militants are caught when they had tried to enter in Army Ammunition Depot located at a little distance from my residence, his revelation had reminded me the story mentioned above, Ojhri Camp incident was occurred in late 1980’s, our great university fellow and friend Nasir Khan after joining government as information group officer had expired due to heart attack during a seminar in Islamabad.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

In Heaven without Head

Democracy is under evolutionary phase in Pakistan, with arrival of Pakistan Peoples Party into power in result of February 18th polling, pro democracy feudal and middle class leadership of PPPP in coalition with PML (N) of an Industrialist leader Mian Nawaz Sharif and Pukhtoon Nationalist Party ANP is quite successful in handling current challenges posed by Taliban and Alqaeeda militants to existence of Pakistan. From American CIA Chief Mr. Paul Hayden to Inspector General Police NWFP Mr. Naveed Malik and Interior Secretary Syed Kamal Shah all of them are convinced that a serious threat to USA and Pakistan does exist in shape of Alqaeeda and Taliban militants regrouping in tribal areas of Paksitan.

On Monday evening cousin of IGP NWFP Malik Naveed, Mr. Malik Daud has told me that it is conveyed to federal government that situation in NWFP is beyond control of police department, NWFP province will be separated from Pakistan, government shall immediately return back Afghan refugees to Afghanistan prior to initiation of search operations otherwise disintegration of Pakistan will become quite evident.

‘In Parachinar capital of Kurram agency all the Sunni families have migrated towards Kohat and big mosque of Sunni sect is now in use of FC men, exit route from Parachinar towards Kohat is unsafe for Shia sect travelers of Parachinar, Sada, and Tull areas located on Kohat Parachinar route are Sunni sect majority areas, now Shia sect people are coming to Kohat through Afghanistan,’ sources have said. According to a local businessman whole sale dealers are in difficult situation due to sectarian violence in Hangu and Parachinar, both the areas are big markets but due to uncertain conditions business is adversely affected in these areas.

‘In Waziristan tribal area women are imprisoned in their homes and can not be brought out from homes even for medical treatment, men have grown long hair and beards, and wall chalking carrying different warning messages from Taliban are quite evident on building walls in that area, new instructions for suicide bombers are issued by Taliban militant leaders in which they are instructed to keep their heads straight while blowing themselves up, the one who will bow his head down while blowing himself with explosives only his body will go to heavens but his head will stay out of heaven, ’ a source has said.

To meet the challenge of militancy and extremism Mr. Tom Casey spokesman of US State department has assured Pakistan government regarding US resolve to help Pakistan in its effort to promote democracy and to control extremism in Pakistan on Tuesday.

Majority of the people in NWFP are educated and moderate, tribal areas located on Pak-Afghan border where Taliban militants have gained control in certain areas are posing threat to settled areas of Pakistan, even in a peaceful district like Kohat penetration of militants is quite visible with long hair and large beards they are quite visible in posh and suburban areas of Kohat within Kohat city militants are witnessed doing announcements on megaphones while riding in two vehicles.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Quality of education in KPK