Surveillance Flights of US Spy Planes

Arrest of Criminals

Five thousand Security Forces men have established their Control in Bara Tribal Area

Massive Search Operation is Underway in Peshawar Capital of NWFP Pakistan

Creation of Special Village Police Force to Combat Crime

Militants killed 28 persons in Tank

Sectarian Violence

Growing anti Taliban Sentiments

Closure of Cable TV Networks

25 Christians are kidnapped from Peshawar

Campaign against Polio Virus

Election Campaign Pictures of Pakistan Peoples Party Candidates Abdur Rauf and Retired Justic Syed Ibni Ali for NA14 Kohat and PF 39 Kohat

Terrorist Organizations are a Danger for World Peace

Militants, Bin Ladin and K2 Mountain

15 Policemen are Killed in Qandhar

Political parties have joined the Lawyers Long March (Updated)

Diplomatic Enclave in Islmamabad will be Protected amid Long March of Lawyers

Anger prevails in Pakistan over NATO air attack

Three persons are killed in Kohat district of NWFP Pakistan

Eleven troops are martyred in aerial attack of coalition forces

Long March of Lawyers

Donkey ride with painted face is a traditional public reaction

Four Policemen are Killed in Peshawar

Current Political Scenario in Pakistan

Ignorance of Bhutto's Opponents

Two Car Lifters invloved in Murder are Arrested in Kohat

Constitutional Amendment Package

Visit of a Bishop

Four Persons are Injured in a Bomb Explosion(updated version)

Abductions in tribal areas

Root Cause of Extremism

Clash of Cultures

Five persons are killed in a bomb explosion before Danish embassy in Islamabad