Democracy vs Extremism

Price Hike

Musharf refutes the rumor about his resignation

Mr. Rehmat Ali Khan has become Manager/VP of National Bank in Kohat

Eight Militants are killed in Bajore tribal area of Pakistan

DPO Kohat is transfered to Peshawar

10th Anniversary of Pakistan's Nuclear Tests

Hotel owner is recovered alive from kidnappers by Kohat police

Five persons are killed in a clash between rival groups of militants

Crisis of Legitimacy

Current Political Scenario in Pakistan

FCR and other Unconstitutional Laws

62 Points Costitutional Amendment Package

Poor road conditions in Kohat district of NWFP Pakistan

Long March of Lawyers

49 Elders of Shia and Sunni Sects are arrested in Peshawar

Political Upheaval Amid Growing Incidents of Violence

Bomb attack on Kurram Militia Truck near Kohat Fort (updated version)

Current Political Scenario in Pakistan

13 persons are killed in suicide bomb explosion

Basic Amenities

Causes behind anti US Sentiments in Pakistan

Bomb attack on security forces vehicle

18 persons including 15 policemen are killed in suicide bomb attack

A weekend in Nevada

Militants have kidnapped two more persons for ransom

Cat Guards

Car of an advocate is damaged in bomb explosion

Rift in ruling coalition over issue of restoration of deposed judges

Kohat Friendship Tunnel is open for traffic again

Unprecedented corruption in OGDC

Abductions and explosions

No foreign militant was involved in his abduction reveals Habib Malik Orakzai

Scenario around my residence

Every person in Pakistan is guilty until proven innocent

Postponement of Bye Eletions in Pakistan

Four persons are killed in suicide bomb attack on police check post in Bannu

Digging for clean drinking water

Flour and Electricity Shortages

Current political scenario in Pakistan

Suicide after murder and a suicide bomb attack

One person is killed in Kohat

Undue exploitation of APP Correspondents shall be ended immediately