Post election scenario in Pakistan

Election Commission of Pakistan may announce final election results on Saturday, so far on two national assembly seats and three provincial assembly seats results are stopped due to rigging allegations, results of 264 National Assembly seats are announced, Pakistan Peoples Party has gained maximum seats in National Assembly and its leadership has entered into alliance with PML(N) and Awami National Party, day before yesterday at a dinner table leaders of these three political parties have announced their alliance and two third majority which this alliance has claimed in the lower house of Parliament will result in restoration of 1973 constitution in its letter and spirit because according to the leadership of this three party alliance to amend the constitution two third majority is required and they possess it.
Only 41 seats are gained by former ruling party PML (Q) and its leadership is willing to play the role of opposition in public interest, it is the first time in history of Pakistan that party which has lost the election is not crying foul, no rigging charges are made by opposition.
President Parvez Musharaf has said that in next fifteen days new government will be made in Pakistan, three parties alliance is demanding immediate session of National Assembly which President is authorized to prorogue.
In Pakistani press intentions of three party alliance as reflected are quite revolutionary in nature the future ruling alliance is bent upon changing the system and is demanding real and effective role in government for the elected representatives of people.
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Abdur Raziq

Security measures for mourning procession of Shia sect people in Kohat

While addressing a gathering of members of Sunni Supreme Council in Police Club Kohat, DPO Kohat Dr Waqar ud Din Syed has said that on occasion of 40th day of mourning of martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain (peace be upon him) shall be observed in peaceful manner and those promoting sectarian hatred shall be discouraged.
He has told the participants that strict security measures are taken to ensure peace on the day of mourning procession of Shia sect people, all entry routes of Kohat are sealed, routes for the mourning procession are specified, body searches will be done and wearing of Jackets and cloth sheets around the body will be strictly prohibited, police and FC men will be deployed on mosques, Imam Bargaha( sacred places of Shia sect people), police and FC men deployed will be equipped with anti riot gear, bullet proof jackets and latest weapons, barriers on all entry routes of Kohat will be installed and checking will be done and without proving his or her identity will be able to enter in Kohat.
He has further said that at the day of Shia sect mourning procession shops in Kohat Bazaar will be completely closed, surgery unit will be crated and Fire Brigade, WAPDA and hospital staff will be at high alert, routes of procession under a new traffic plan are declared no parking zone, ambulances and other government vehicles will be parked at hundred yards distance from the procession of mourners.
Participants of the meeting have agreed to respect the peace agreement between Shia and Sunni sects and to promote peace they will cooperate with police.
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Abdur Raziq

12 suspects are killed in missile attack(updated)

On Thursday 12 people are killed in missile attack on house and religious seminary in Azam Warsak area of South Waziristan, according to APP news agency online sources local tribesmen are of the view that missile attack was launched from unknown direction at a house where suspected extremists were gathered. The area is cordoned off by law enforcing agencies, and political administration of South Waziristan is conducting a probe to determine exact number of causalities and nature of explosion.
According to an online Pakistani news paper report most of the dead were Afghan students and some foreigners; exact number of injured persons is not known yet.
Twelve people are reportedly killed and two others are critically injured when Improved explosive device in training camp of militants was exploded in Kaloosha village of South Waziristan, the deceased militants were preparing the explosive devices when a device went off, majority of those who are killed were of Arab, Afghan and Punjabi origin. ISPR spokesman Major General Ather Abass has said that explosives dumped in the house were the main cause of the blast, and there is no possibility of missile attack by unmanned predator plane.

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Road side bomb explosion

‘Around 7:30 am on Wednesday morning a bomb planted by unknown miscreants at road side near Cadet College Kohat on Kohat Pindi road went off but no damage was done,’ Rescue 15 police Kohat official has said.
‘Since last one week off and on light and heavy bomb explosions during the night and day time are heard by dwellers in Kohat district,’ eyewitnesses have said.
‘On Wednesday fire shots from near distance were heard by students of Shaheen Public School located in Paracha Town Kohat,’ a student of Shaheen Public school has said.
‘During the afternoon on Wednesday fire shots from near distance are heard by residence of Paracha Town Kohat,’ a resident of Paracha Town Kohat has said.
Meanwhile Mr. Muhammad Umar Afridi has taken charge as Regional Coordinator on Wednesday, he has held a meeting with EDO’S and has directed them to prepare a strategy for development of Kohat, meanwhile decoration for his office in Old Commissioner office Kohat is underway.
Major Shahid of Pakistan Army is appointed as ISPR spokesman in Kohat district, he has done his MBA in communication, is having a pleasant personality, he is assigned to deal with press in Kohat region and is responsible for giving briefings to the press regarding Waziristan tribal affairs and rest of the tribal areas.
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Abdur Raziq

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Abdur Raziq

Surgeon General of Pak Army and seven others are martyred in suicide bomb attack

In Rawalpindi city of Pakistan a teen age suicide bomber after reaching near the car of Surgeon General of Pakistan Army Lt. General Mushtaq Ahmed Baig had blew himself with explosives on Monday, consequently Lt. General Mushtaq Ahmed, his driver, guard, a women and three other persons are martyred.
While talking to AFP Pak Army spokesman Major General Ather Abbas has said that suicide bomb attack on Lt. General Mushtaq Ahmed can be a reaction of Pak Army operations in tribal areas of South Waziristan and FATA, but facts about the incident will become known after the completion of investigations.
‘Intelligence and Security organizations of Pakistan have started their investigations regarding suicide bomb attack on Surgeon General Lt. General Mushtaq Ahmed Baig of Pakistan Army, he has become the first victim of suicide bomb attack among high ranking officials of Pakistan Army,’ Pakistani media sources have revealed.
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Abdur Raziq

Owner of a CNG Gas station is killed in a bomb explosion

‘Owner of a CNG station and his son are killed in a bomb explosion, on Sunday around 8:pm late in the evening Mr. Sultan son of Mr. Nabi and his both sons boarded their car in the CNG station owned by him and located on Kohat Bannu road, the moment Sultan had started the car the explosion had occurred, Sultan was killed at the spot and his both sons were injured, today on Monday his critically injured son has also succumbed to his injuries, he will be buried in his native graveyard today at 5:pm,’ sources have said.
‘Meanwhile Co Chairman of PPPP Mr. Asif Ali Zardari has invited all his party candidates for a meeting in Islamabad which will be held on Wednesday, till first of March 2008 Mr. Asif Ali Zardari is expected to sworn in as Prime Minister of Pakistan,’ a source has said.
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Abdur Raziq

Pak-India relations are likely to improve further

Predictive intelligence was an alien concept in Pakistani society, now it might gain wide spread acceptance in it, on 13th of February five days prior to polling day, when I came out from meeting hall after getting detailed instructions from Associated Press of Pakistan top ranking officials, outside the meeting hall a colleague and younger brother of my chumb friend Mr. Haroon came near me and during conversation he has revealed that NA 14 Kohat seat of National Assembly will be won by Mr. Peer Dilawar Shah, just few minutes ago while giving the analysis I had told my colleagues in APP in the meeting hall that Peoples Party will gain sympathy vote at national level thus it will win majority seats in National Assembly, and PPPP candidate in Kohat might also win the seat. Well now on 24th of February I am again really very sure about my analytical faculties of brain that PPPP has emerged as winner, I am still thinking about NA 14 Kohat where the prediction of young Haroon came true.
Most often in these developing countries when leaders become old and bit proud of their achievements they make mistakes of fatal nature, Madam Indira Gandhi of India after getting tired of her dynastic rule over India, in her last days became so ill tempered that she had ordered Indian Armed forces to enter in most sacred place of Sikh minority in Punjab to crush Khalistan movement and its leadership, while killing ruthlessly Sikh minority in India she was keeping Sikh body guards for her own security, eventually she was killed by her own Sikh bodyguards. In her life time Madam Indira Gandhi once had lectured President Nixon of USA on a plea that she is most senior leader of the largest democracy in the world so she has the right to inform a new comer in politics, while dealing with her own country men she was unable to perceive threat to her life and to take appropriate steps to secure herself.
Now that pro India Awami National Party has got majority seats in NWFP province of Pakistan, Pak- India relations are likely to improve further, Secular ANP leadership is offshoot of Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy of non violence, it is expected that terrorism in NWFP and its tribal areas will end soon, now the political power from pro Taliban political party MMA is shifted to the secular forces in province of NWFP.
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Abdur Raziq

Party Position (updated further)

Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarian has bagged 87 National Assembly seats, in Punjab province PPPP has won 79 seats of provincial assembly, in Sind province PPPP has captured 70 provincial assembly seats, in province of Baluchistan PPPP has got 7 provincial assembly seats and in North West Frontier Province of Pakistan PPPP has secured 17 seats of provincial assembly.
Pakistan Muslim League (n) has bagged 67 National Assembly seats, in Punjab province it has secured 104 provincial assembly seats, and in North West Frontier province it has got 5 provincial assembly seats.
Pakistan Muslim League (Q) has bagged 41 National Assembly seats, in Punjab province it has got 66 provincial assembly seats, in Sindh province it has got 10 seats of provincial assembly, in Baluchistan 18 and in NWFP it has got 5 provincial assembly seats.
Mutahida Qaumi Movement popularly known as MQM has bagged 19 National Assembly seats; it has got 37 provincial assembly seats in Sindh province of Pakistan.
Awami National Party has bagged 10 National Assembly seats; it has got 2 provincial assembly seats in Sindh, 2 in NWFP and 31 in Baluchistan.
Mutahida Majlis Amal popularly known as MMA has bagged only 6 National Assembly seats and 10 provincial assembly seat in NWFP, 2 in Punjab and 7 in Baluchistan.

Pakistan Muslim League F has bagged four National Assembly seats, 3 provincial assembly seats in Punjab and seven in Sindh.
BNP (A) has got 1 national Assembly seat and five provincial assembly seats in Baluchistan.
PPP(S) has got one National Assembly seat and five provincial assembly seats in NWFP.
NPP has bagged 2 National Assembly seats and three provincial assembly seats in Sindh.
29 National Assembly seats are won by independent candidates, 35 provincial assembly seats are captured by independent candidates in Punjab, 12 seats of Baluchistan provincial assembly are captured by independents and 19 seats in NWFP are won by independent candidates.
Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarian, and Pakistan Muslim League(Q) both are showing presence in all the four provinces of Pakistan, both has got seats in four provincial assemblies of NWFP, Sindh, Baluchistan and Punjab, Pakistan Peoples Party has emerged as winner, and has bagged maximum seats in National Assembly.
Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarian, and Pakistan Muslim League(Q) both are showing presence in all the four provinces of Pakistan, both has got seats in four provincial assemblies of NWFP, Sindh, Baluchistan and Punjab, Pakistan Peoples Party has emerged as winner, and has bagged maximum seats in National Assembly.
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Abdur Raziq
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Awami National Party has captured NA 14 Kohat

In Kohat district Awami National Party has won the National Assembly seat, Peer Dilawar Shah candidate of ANP is now MNA from Kohat NWFP Pakistan, ‘currently he is hospitalized due to acute Jaundice, his condition is reported to be critical,’ a source has said. He had secured 30595 votes, among the nine candidates for NA14 Kohat, Malik Muhammad Asad Khan an independent candidate had secured 23058 votes, Syed Iftikhar Hussain Gailani ex law minister and presently an independent candidate had got 17460 votes, Abdur Rauf advocate candidate of Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarian had got 8420 votes.
Qari Ubaidullah Haidri an independent candidate for NA 14 Kohat has received 6774 votes, Javed Ibrahim Paracha of PML (N) had got 1273 votes, Maulana Abdul Hai of MMA had got 10531 votes, Peer Hafiz Khurshid Ali Khan an independent candidate has got 269 votes, and Shahid Khan Advocate of MQM had received 269 votes.
Mutahida Majlis Amal Mufti Ibrar was elected as MNA from Kohat during previous elections now MMA has lost its seat in Kohat, and Awami National Party has captured the National Assembly seat from Kohat.
On provincial Assembly seat PF-37 Kohat six candidates have contested election, Amjid Khan Afridi is declared winner by Kohat Election Commission, he has got 12912 votes, Nawabzada Aurangzeb Khan an independent candidate has got 12795 votes, Dr. Ahsanullah an independent candidate had got 269 votes, Mr. Shaukat Habib of Awami National Part had got 11721 votes, Mr. Mujib ur Rehman of Mutahida Majlis Amal had got 377 votes, Malik Wajib ur Rehman had got 60 votes.
On provincial Assembly seat PF-38 Kohat eight candidates were contesting election, an independent candidate Syed Qalib Hassan is elected by majority of voters he had received 11232 votes, maternal uncle of Syed Qalib I Hassan, Chief Justice® Syed Ibni Ali a candidate of Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarian had got 6309 votes, Shehbaz Gul Shinwari of ANP had secured 7622 votes, Qasim Shah of PML(n) got 1863 votes, Maulana Fakhr ur Rehman of MMA had got 2492 votes, Mr. Bilal Ahmed Shinwari of Pakistan Peoples Party (Sherpao group) had received 1581 votes, Qari Ubaidullah Haidri an independent candidate had got 654 votes, and Imtiaz Haider an independent candidate had got 193 votes.
Total five candidates have contested elections on provincial assembly seat PF-39 Kohat, Doctor Iqbal Din of MMA was elected by majority vote, he had received 10230 votes. Mr. Shahd Muhammad Khan of Pakistan Peoples Party (Sherpao group) had got 8697 votes, Mr. Abdul Manan of PPPP had got 243 votes, Nisar Khan advocate of ANP had got 2006 votes, Imtiaz Shahid Qureishi an independent candidate had got 7814 votes.
One provincial Assembly seat PF-39 is won by religious party’s alliance MMA, and NA 14 National Assembly seat is captured by Awami National Party, and two provincial assembly seats PF-37 Kohat and PF38 Kohat are captured by independent candidates. According to Mr. Gailani of PPP (Sherpao) in Muhammad Zai area of Kohat voters were allegedly compelled on gun point by ANP candidate to vote in favor of ANP, Gailani says rigging is done but on small scale in Kohat district.
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Complaints regarding polling results

Nawab Aurangzeb Khan an independent candidate for Provincial Assembly seat PF-37 Kohat NWFP Pakistan is not satisfied with polling results, he has got 12795 votes and his opponent Amjid Khan Afridi has secured 12912 votes and is declared as winner by Election Commission Kohat Returning Officer, Nawab Aurangzeb Khan supporter and relative Mr. Waheed Khan says that among 1386 rejected ballets 165 ballets were not signed and stamped by presiding officer of a polling station, that is why the votes which were polled in favor of Aurangzeb Khan were rejected at the time of counting by Election Commission Kohat authorities.
Waheed Khan says that opponent of Aurangzeb Khan and declared winner Mr. Amjid Afridi was a secretary of Nawab Akbar Bugti and currently as transporter owns huge trucks and is active man in Mafia, Nawab Aurangzeb Khan life is in danger, while he is making efforts to seek justice for himself regarding polling results.
‘Mean while in a hand grenade attack on Army Check Post located at the entrance of Kohat Garrison one soldier and four other persons are injured, the attack was carried out Wednesday night around eight o’clock, a source has said.
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Abdur Raziq
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Preliminary polling results issued by Election Comission Office in Kohat district of NWFP Pakistan

According to preliminary result issued by Election Commission Kohat Returning Officer for National Assembly seat NA 14 in 318 polling stations 357556 registered voters had polled 101567 votes 3021 ballets were rejected, 98546 ballets were approved for counting, polling ratio was 28.41% Total eight candidates have contested election on NA 14 Kohat Peer Dilawar Shah candidate of Awami National party has got 30595 votes and have won the seat.
For Provincial Assembly seat PF-38-Kohat in 110 polling stations 1,33,111 registered voters have polled 32533 votes, 587 ballets were rejected, 31946 were declared valid for counting, and 24.44% votes were polled. Syed Qalib Hassan an independent candidate has got 11232 votes and was declared winner.
For Provincial Assembly seat PF 39 Kohat in 106 polling stations, 110957 registered voters have polled 29619 votes, 629 ballets were rejected, 28990 ballets were declared valid for counting, 20.69% votes were polled, Dr Iqbal Fana of religious parties alliance (MMA) has got 10230 votes and was declared winner.
For Provincial Assembly seat PF 37 Kohat in 102 polling stations 1,13,487 registered voters have polled 39520 votes, 1386 ballets were rejected and 38134 ballets were declared valid for counting, Mr. Amjid Khan Afridi an independent candidate has got 12912 votes and was declared winner.
For National Assembly seat NA 47 Tribal Area-xii in 135 polling stations 131222 registered voters have polled 46123 votes, 45744 ballets were declared valid for counting, 374 ballets were rejected. Mr. Zafar Baig Bhatni an independent candidate has got 21362 votes and was declared winner.
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Abdur Raziq

Unofficial polling results indicate victory of secular forces in NWFP

In Kohat district Peer Dilawar Shah candidate for National Assembly Seat NA 14 has bagged the maximum number of votes, in NWFP province of Pakistan ex ruling religious parties alliance MMA is wiped out as result of fair and free elections, according to unofficial results of Monday polling, Awami National Party and Pakistan Peoples Party have gained maximum number of seats in NWFP Province of Pakistan, PML (N) has also bagged few seats in NWFP.
According to unofficial results ex ruling party PML (Q) is also wiped out from national political scene, Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarian and PML (N) have bagged maximum seats, Chief of ruling PML (Q) Chaudhary Shujaat Hussain has lost his seat in his home town Gujrat, another top leader of PML (Q) Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has also lost election from both seats in Rawalpindi.Ex Foreign Minister Mr. Khurshid Ahmed Qasuri a candidate of PML (Q) has also lost his seat.
15 Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarian workers were killed and hundred others were injured Co Chair Person of PPPP has revealed this to a correspondent of Dawn private TV channel, in Sindh province due to scuffle between rival parties workers five persons were killed in Peer Jo Goth, according to government sources eight persons were killed in result of election violence in Punjab, but over all situation in Baluchistan and NWFP provinces of Pakistan was improved on polling day no untoward incident took place in both the provinces.
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Abdur Raziq

Polling day in Pakistan

On Monday in Kohat district of NWFP Pakistan polling is going on smoothly, according to a presiding officer of a polling station in Kohat turn out till twelve o'clock was quite low, polling was started at 8am in a polling station located in Commerce College Kohat building, out of 1100 voters only 25 voters came to cast their vote so far, '318 polling stations are arranged in Kohat by Election Commission for polling to be held on 18th February,’ Assistant Election Commissioner Kohat Mr. Abdur Razaq Awan has said.
‘For NA 14 Kohat now PPPP candidate Abdur Rauf advocate, Maulana Abdul Hai of JUI, Peer Dilawar Shah of ANP, Shahid Afridi of MQM, Syed Iftikhar Hussain Gailani (independent) and Malik Muhammad Asad Khan (independent) are contesting the election, ‘Haji Javed Ibrahim Paracha of PML (N) has withdrawn from the contest due to ill health after consulting top leadership of his party in Lahore,' Nazim Urban 1 Kohat has said.
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Abdur Raziq

39 persons are killed in two suicide bomb attacks(updated)

‘On Saturday 37 persons are killed and 90 others are injured in a bomb blast outside the election office of a candidate in Parachinar capital of Kurram agency. Election office of candidate Riaz Hussain Shah is located in Eidgah market of Parachinar, near to his office a car laden with explosives when exploded due to rush in the market 37 persons are killed and 90 are injured, candidate for NA 37 tribal area 2 Mr. Riaz Hussain Shah was present in his office at the time of bomb explosion but he is safe and unharmed,’ sources have said.
'On Sunday number of dead of suicide bomb attack victims is increased to 47, head of a suicide bomber involved in attack on election office of a candidate in Parachinar is found by law enforcing agencies, Pakistan Army troops are being deployed and Curfew is imposed in Parachinar;' sources have said.
‘Two persons are killed when a suicide bomber rammed his car laden with explosives into media center in Mingora Swat,’ sources have said.
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Abdur Raziq

Army troops are deployed to ensure peace on polling day

‘A member of US Congress has threatened military aid reduction in case elections are rigged in Pakistan, spokes man of White House has also stressed for conduct of free fair and peaceful elections in Pakistan. On Saturday night at twelve o’ clock election campaign in Pakistan will end, 18th February will be a polling day’, Pakistan’s media sources have said.
‘Army is deployed in four provinces of Pakistan to ensure peace during polling on 18th of February 2008, meanwhile 3 polling stations in Khar capital of Bajure tribal agency are destroyed by unknown miscreants time bombs were used to destroy the jail building specified for polling station in Khar, 16 bombs were planted to destroy the building,’ Pakistan’s private TV channels Dawn and AAJ in their news bulletins have revealed this.
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Abdur Raziq

A Major of Pakistan Army is killed in Bajure tribal area

According to Pakistan’s media sources two security forces men and a Major of Pakistan Army were killed on Thursday in Badi Siah area of Bajure tribal agency when their vehicle was hit by a bomb planted at roadside, three of them were heading towards from Khar area to Katcot area which is located near Pak Afghan border.

Election Violence

US Secretary of State Madam Condoleezza Rice has reportedly expressed her concern over election violence in Pakistan, she is optimistic regarding inclusion of moderate voices in a new government, and she has told this to Senate Foreign Relations Committee. ‘But I think we have to keep pressing and encouraging and insisting that this is an election on which a lot is holding. They have got to inspire confidence that people got to vote freely,’ she said.
Meanwhile on Wednesday three persons were killed, candidate for NA 30 and PF 86 Mufti Hussain Ahmed was critically injured in Charbagh Tehsil of Swat on Mangultan road, when their motorcade became a target of remote control device planted on Magultan road, in Charbagh Tehsil of Swat.
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Murder of three Afghan refugee women

Three Afghan refugee women are killed in Razgeer Banda Kohat district of NWFP Pakistan, during the night between Monday and Tuesday alleged killers Mazar Khan and Qandhar Khan sons of Chinar Khan Afghan refugees and residents of Razgeer Banda Kohat have suddenly entered in the house of Syed Rasool and have opened fire with fire arms, Mrs. Buzarga wife of Gulzar, Miss Zainab daughter of Gulzar, Mrs. Pasmeen wife of Aman present in the house were killed at the spot with bullet sprayed by the alleged killers.
While Syed Rasool son of Muhammad Rasool, Gul Rasool son of Syed Rasool, Miss Parveena daughter of Muhammad Hazrat are critically injured by the bullets showered by alleged killers with fire arms, alleged killer Mazar Khan and Qandhar Khan have managed to escape after killing three women in residence of Syed Rasool an Afghan refugee resident of Razgeer Banda Kohat located on Kohat Pindi road near Kohat Cement Factory.
In Sadar Police Station of Kohat FIR is registered by Fazal Khan son of Muhammad Ghulam regarding the incident, Kohat police is now searching to arrest the killers, cause of the murder of three women is a dispute on women but the details regarding nature of dispute are not known yet. Razgeer Banda where this incident is occurred is a small village in which locals and Afghan refugees are dwelling.
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Abdur Raziq

Paksitan envoy in Kabul is gone missing

According to Pakistan’s media sources on Monday Pakistan’s envoy to Afghanistan Tariq Azizuddin while heading towards Kabul along with his driver and security guard is disappeared in tribal area of Khyber district, Pakistani officials are making efforts to trace him out.
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Abdur Raziq

Top Taliban militant commander is killed(updated)

‘On Moday Taliban militant commander Mansoor Dadullah is killed by Pakistan security forces in Zhob district of Balochistan province of Pakistan, he was fighting US lead NATO forces in Afghanistan, Mansoor Dadullah along with his four companions was captured by Pakistan security forces in wee hours of the day near a seminary in Zhob after exchange of fire, he was flown to hospital with his other four injured companions but has succumbed to his injuries on his way towards hospital,’ sources have said
According to Pakistan's media sources ISPR and Interior Ministry spokesman has confirmed that Mullah Mansoor Dadullah is arrested.
‘Ten persons are killed and thirteen others are injured when a suicide bomber rammed his car filled with explosives on Monday in to election rally of Awami National Party in Eidak village of Miran Shah in North Waziristan, candidate Nisar Ali and an administration official are also included among the killed, the wounded persons are shifted to Mir Ali hospital, sources have said.

Haji Javed Ibrahim Paracha has withdrawn from contest in favor of Malik Muhammad Asad

‘Candidate for National Assembly seat NA 14 Kohat Haji Javed Ibrahim Paracha(famous fro his efforts regarding release of Alqaida prisoners from Pakistani jails) has withdrawn from contest in favor of Malik Muhammad Asad an independent candidate for NA 14 Kohat, Haji Javed Ibrahim was contesting election on PML(N) ticket and Malik Muhammad Asad is contesting election as independent candidate, Now Abdur Rauf advocate of Pakistan People Party Parliamentarian, Maulana Abdul Hai of MMA are contesting election on NA 14 Kohat on their party tickets and Malik Muhammad Asad and Syed Iftikhar Hussain Gailani are contesting election for NA 14 seat as independent candidates,’ sources have said.
Mean while a reliable source has said that Taliban militants have fired rockets and have tried to capture old toll plaza of Kohat friendship Tunnel last week but were pushed back by Pakistan security forces, but Taliban militants are present within Dara Adam Khel despite of ongoing search operation of Pakistan security forces in Dara Adam militants are moving around not only within Dara Adam Khel, but have launched attack on old toll plaza which is located within Kohat near overhead bridge on Kohat Pindi road, old toll plaza was replaced by new toll plaza which is located near Southern end of Kohat friendship Tunnel, traffic through Kohat friendship Tunnel is moving smoothly, and travelers from Southern districts are now traveling towards Peshawar without any hindrance.
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Abdur Raziq

US Diplomat deceased Keith Ryan will be laid to rest on Saturday

‘Today on Saturday deceased Keith Ryan US home land security official posted in US embassy Islamabad will be laid to rest in Boston USA,’ Madam Margrate friend of the father of deceased Keith Ryan has said.

14 persons are killed in a bomb explosion(updated )

‘ On Saturday around 5:25pm 14 persons are killed and 24 others are injured in a bomb explosion during political gathering of Awami National Party in Charsada district of NWFP Pakistan, Chief of Awami National Party Mr. Asfandyar Wali Khan was also sheduled to attend the gathering but due to ill health was unable to reach the gathering spot, injured persons are shifted to Shub Qadar hospital in Charasada and Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar,’ sources have said.
According to International Media sources 20 persons are killed in election campaign related gathering held in premises of house located at a distance of nine miles from Charsada at least 20 persons are killed and 25 others are injured, among the injured one person was from NWFP police department, two police men are reportedly killed in this incident, the explosion was occurred soon after recitation of Quran, provincial chief of Awami National Party known for its secular stance present in the meeting was remain unhurt.
'Number of dead is 27 now on Sunday, and 11 victims of Bomb blast in Nahaqi village of Charsada are also in critical condition,' sources have said.

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Abdur Raziq

Security forces are still conducting search operation in Dara Adam Khel

Dara Adam Khel tribal area located between Kohat and Peshawar capital of NWFP is now under control of Pakistan’s security forces, at northern end of Kohat Tunnel which opens into Dara Adam Khel, ‘security forces men are camped, at hill tops in Dara Adam Khel, security forces men are deployed, search operation is underway, gradually shopkeepers in Dara Adam Khel have started doing business, traffic on Kohat Peshawar road is moving smoothly, near Matani area on Kohat Peshawar road security forces men are deployed at the roadsides to ensure safety of travelers,’ sources have said.
‘A pamphlet carrying threats to opponents of Taliban militants is circulated in Dara Adam Khel,’ a source has said.
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Good news for kidney patients

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Election Meeting

Deputy Inspector General Police Kohat region Mr. Zulfikar Ahmed Cheema while addressing a Joint meeting of District Police Officers, Sub Divisional Police Officers and SHO’s has said that in elections different individuals and political parties take part, some of the individuals can be quite influential, party in power also participates in election but during this political wrestling police shall act as neutral umpire, we are working under title of public servants if it is proved that any police official is working in favor or against of a political party or in favor or against of an individual candidate strict action will be taken against him, any such action under PPC and election laws is a crime, a police official involved in such crimes will be liable to prosecution and FIR against him will be registered.
He has further said that some fellow police officers have told me that in the past a chief secretary of a province and Inspector General Police had compelled District Police Officers and District Coordination Officers to support a specific political party, as public servants they should not have committed this crime, thanks God no such practices are made in province of NWFP, it is duty of each police official to act within the limits of law of the land and shall not act in contradiction to the sayings of father of the nation Quiaid I Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, while addressing civil servants in Peshawar Quiadi Azam had categorically said that governments keep on changing, but the civil servants shall remain neutral and shall not come under pressure, even if they have to sacrifice…….
DIG Mr. Zulfikar Cheema had further added that police officials by registering fake cases and committing acts of violence against opposition party members and leaders, adopt the role of personal rascals of the rulers and in such a situation police department loose the confidence and respect of public, few months ago I have seen pictures in news papers in which police was doing violence against lawyers, journalists and women, I was grieved to see such pictures, we must respect over intelligentsia, educated people lead the society they shall be respected, we must not act like hired rascals of a ruler, police shall remain neutral.
DIG Kohat region has said that rulers shall not use police force against their opponents to suppress them, because when rulers will be out of power the same police will be used to suppress them by their opponents. If this practice prevails integrity of Pakistan will become at stake.
He has directed police officials to ensure that prior to polling day or at the polling day no person can act in unlawful manner at polling stations, any one guilty of threatening voters shall be arrested immediately, police shall ensure that every voter stamp his ballot in place specified for him or her within polling station, and shall not allow any one to take and stamp the ballot out side the polling station, he has said that vigilance of police can minimize the chances of rigging up to 70%. DIG has categorically said that who so ever will act in illegal manner will be crushed.
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Abdur Raziq

Foctors of instability

Politics in Pakistan in absence of efficient and transparent governmental structure, has become a risky affair, in 1951 first Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Liaqat Ali Khan was killed in Liaqat Park Rawalpindi till today his murder is a mystery, a killer involved in this crime was killed immediately, at the crime spot in Liaqat park, with him secret regarding real killers behind murder of first premier of Pakistan was buried forever.
Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had received death sentence from a High Court, and Supreme Court of Pakistan retained the decision of Punjab High Court, eventually he was hanged, her daughter Muhtarima Benazir Bhutto Shaeed always termed the death sentence awarded to her father as judicial murder of an elected prime minister of Pakistan.
Ex President of Pakistan General Zia ul Haq along with US ambassador to Pakistan, Chief of ISI, and many other high ranking armed forces officials became victim of air crash in Bahawalpur near Pak India border, so far his mysterious murder in air crash is still a secret.
Most recently Muhtarima Benazir Bhutto twice elected prime minister of Pakistan and Chair person of Pakistan People Party Parliamentarian is martyred by unknown assassins in Liaqat Park of Rawalpindi, her murder is still a mystery, though Pakistani police and British Scotland Yard are busy investigating her murder.
President Parvez Musharaf, twice and ex Prime Minister Mr. Shaukat Aziz both were attempted by suicide bombers, both have survived the attacks, President Parvez Musharaf is still ruling Pakistan, Mr. Shaukat Aziz is gone abroad, without meeting his party leaders, prior to his departure for Switzer Land he had held a meeting with President Parvez Musharaf only.
Pakistan when came into existence in 1947, because of its geo strategic location became focus of Cold War rivals, and thus became a developing country which was targeted by highly developed nations involved in ideological conflict, Pakistan due to its alliance relationship with USA and its Western allies, is often targeted by ideological rivals of USA in the past and at present again anti US terrorists are targeting its leadership.
Internal political rivalries due to absence of rule of law and efficient, well trained and well equipped law enforcing agencies, is also one major factor contributing towards insecure environment to its leadership and citizens.
Though Pakistan is now adequately developed by President Parvez Musharaf and his colleagues economically, and being a nuclear power Pakistan has now become secure from aggression of its traditional rival India, in 1965 and 1971 Two major wars were fought between both India and Pakistan, their wrecked economies are victims of full scale and limited wars, which prior to existence of nuclear deterrence are fought between the both countries.
Like many other developing nations Pakistan is also a victim of regional, ethnic, tribal, and sectarian biases, low ratio of literacy, deliberate discouragement of social scientists, blatant violations of constitutional clauses ensuring fundamental rights of Pkistani citizens, excessive exploitation are internal factors contributing towards political and economic instability in Pakistan.
Submitted and written by
Abdur Raziq

GOC Kohat is martyred in helicopter crash

‘On Wednesday General Officer Commanding of Kohat district of NWFP Pakistan Major General Javed Sultan, Brigadier Saeed Khan, Brigadier Afzal Cheema, Leuteneant Clonol Umer Farooq, Captain Shezad, Captain Haroon and Captain Naveed are martyred in helicopter crash in Wana Waziristan, GOC Kohat were coming back from Wana to Kohat on Jandula road near Tanai due to technical fault his helicopter was crashed total eight persons are martyred in the crash,’ DG ISPR Major General Ather Abass has said.
Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

A visit to Nak Bund village of Kohat

My neighbor and Naib Nazim Khushal Garh Mr. Farooq is an elderly figure of even temperament, whenever his computer starts misbehaving he immediately contacts me to handle it, in fact his son is in Ireland, happily married to an Irish girl, Mr. Farooq most often chat with his grandsons on internet young lads while living in Ireland stay in touch with their grandfather through internet, last week when Mr. Farooq came with problem in his computer, while trying to help him resolve his problem, I came up with the idea, that a special feature on his Union Council Khushahl Garh can make me feel better, his ancestral home is located in Nak Bund village of Union Council Khushal Garh, he has accepted the idea and came up with suggestion that we will proceed on Monday to his office of Union Council which is located at the roadside of Nak Bund village on Kohat Pindi road, to get rid of bad impacts on my brain done by heavy artillery fire and rocket explosions during first week of security forces operation in adjacent tribal area of Dara Adam Khel, spending time in peaceful environment of village was a good option.
On Monday morning I asked Mr. Farooq that if I wear jeans whether his village people will start reacting in extremist fashion to harm an outlook wiseAmerican soul, Mr. Farooq advised me to wear Shalwar and Qameez typical Pakistani dress, meanwhile due to electricity failure, my cute wife has simply told me that clothes can not be ironed without smooth supply of electricity, I was having no option but to wear blue jeans, light green shirt with light green jacket, soon in small car of Mr. Farooq we were on our way towards Kohat city where he had to deposit a bill in National Bank of Pakistan and I had to collect money from the same bank, where I had deposited the holy cheque which I receive from APP and National Bank of Pakistan employees every month cross the limit of two days over it to delay the arrival of cash in my account for reasons best known to them.
As usual bank people came up with a funny excuse, due to closure of Kohat tunnel for two days your cheque is not cleared, please wait for few more days, all my high ideals regarding purchase of certain absolutely necessary items in village area were dashed to the ground, with broken heart I came out from the bank and before moving towards Nak Bund village during a brief stay at a news agency I have advised a journalist friend prior to my arrival during the evening confirm from Meer Ali village of North Waziristan, whether Al-libi and Alqaida men are killed in missile attack launched by unmanned US plane or not, my journalist friend looked at me with wide open eyes and has said I am sure you want me to get killed by Taliban and Alqaida extremists, I had accepted his excuse but had forgot to tell him that Taliban militant commander of Dara Adam Khel is hiding in Kohat now along with Mufti Ilyas who came up with the verdict that journalists and government servants shall be killed, in fact the information was not confirmed, with empty pockets journalists can not do confirmations, I was told by a source that enquiry is initiated against Pakistan Army Commander who had initiated Dara Adam Khel operation in a way that all the extremists have managed to escape due to his allegedly wrong strategy.
I laughingly started my journey towards Nak Bund village along with my neighbor Farooq he was in a very pleasant mood, he was very proud of his Irish daughter in Law, he has said she has studied Islam and she practice it in its true spirit, even on web cam she keeps the long scarf (Dupata) on her head while doing chatting with us. After arrival in Nak Bund village I had held a brief meeting with an elder of the village, with Nazim Khushal Garh Mr. Zafar and with a general councilor and trade union leader Mr. Iqbal, two school teachers had informed us one young boy from Ghuruzai Pyan village has joined an extremist group and had escaped towards Dara Adam Khel, his worried father is in search of him, the school teacher had also complained regarding non availability of clean drinking water and had also demanded up gradation to secondary level of primary girls school where three hundred and fifty girls are getting education.
Trade Union leader and retired Pak Army serviceman Mr. Iqbal was ex colleague of President Parvez Musharaf and was asking for better wages and working conditions for workers, I assured him that I’ll write about it, Nazim Khushahl Garh Mr. Zafar was demanding adequate funds for construction of roads within his union council, already a road made of Shingle made by OGDC does exist on which we have traveled from Nak Bund to Ghorochi Banda where candidate for NA 14 Syed Iftikhar Hussain Gailani had addressed a gathering, after this last event in Ghorochi Banda me and Mr. Farooq came back to Kohat since yesterday Mr. Farooq is busy with his computer and I am just thinking of contact him again for certain confirmations regarding telephone call which I received from Pakistan TV an hour ago where some one Shaheen Farooq a news producer want my photographs to make my entry pass for polling day without any prior consultation with me.
Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Election Campaign

It is an extract of speach of Syed Iftikhar Hussain Gailani.

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Four security forces men are killed in suicide bomb attack

‘Four security forces men are killed and 22 were injured in a suicide bomb attack carried out by a suicide bomber in RA bazaar of Rawalpindi, suicide bomber had rammed his motor cycle in a bus in which security forces men were traveling, the incident is occurred at 7:30am on Monday,’ government sources have said.
President Parvez Musharaf and Prime Minister Mr. Mian Muhammad Soomro have condemned the incident.
Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

A gathering on 40th mourning day of Muhtarima Benazir Bhutto

It is a news story about mourning gathering in Kohat district of NWFP Pakistan, which was held to condole her martyrdom and to pray for her martyred soul.

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Six men of security forces are killed in suicide bomb attack

Six men of Pakistan security forces are reportedly killed and 15 persons are injured when a suicide bomber had hit a security check post located at entry point of Bannu Miran Shah road in North Waziristan with his car which was filled with explosives, prior to this suicide bomb attack in a village near Mir Ali area of North Waziristan in a missile attack of unmanned US Predator plane Alqaeeda Commander Laith al-Libi along with his 12 Arab and Turkman companions was reportedly killed.
ISPR Major General Athar Abbas while commenting on possible death of Al-Libi has said that local people had buried their dead bodies soon after the missile attack, it is difficult to confirm the death of Alqaeeda men in missile attack of US Predator unmanned plane on a militants hide out near a village of Miran Shah in North Waziristan. A well informed source has said that US unmanned Predator plane missile attack might be of such a high intensity that corpses of Alqaida men are damaged to the extent that identification has become next to impossible.
Mean while APA office in Dara Adam Khel has confirmed that Kohat Friendship Tunnel is open now for traffic only in day time, Dara Adam Khel tribal area is in control of Pakistan security forces and search operation of militants hide outs is continued, traffic jams due to technical problems in huge trucks are causing traffic jams on traditional Kohat Peshawar road through Kotal hills.
Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Kohat Friendship Tunnel is now open for traffic

‘Kohat friendship tunnel a major road link between Southern districts of NWFP with Peshawar capital of NWFP is open for traffic now on Saturday, it was captured by Taliban militants last week and security forces of Pakistan had regained its control after a successful operation against militants of Dara Adam Khel, curfew in Dara Adam Khel tribal area where the Northern end of the Kohat Friendship tunnel is located is lifted now,’ sources have said.
‘Kohat Peshawar road through Kotal hills was opened for traffic earlier this week, but due to shabby condition of the road huge loaded trucks filled with goods were unable to move on it, with opening of Kohat Friendship tunnel smooth flow of traffic is ensured now, third alternate route through Nizam Pur was also used by transporters to carry passengers from Kohat to Peshawar during security forces operation in Dara Adam Khel, normal fare from Kohat to Peshawar is 5o rupees per passenger but on Nizam Pur road Passengers were charged 180 rupees per person by transporters,’ sources have said.
Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Success of Pakistan's security forces

Public circles in Kohat were terrified when a local daily Awami Inqilab came up with a lead story regarding dream of Maulana Abdul Wahab which he has reportedly had in Saudi Arabia as a Haj pilgrim, he had a dream that streets of Kohat are filled with dead bodies during month of Muharam. Soon after publication of his dream Deputy Inspector General Police of Kohat region Mr. Zulfiqar Cheema had held a conference to promote sectarian peace in Kohat, strict security measures were taken by him during mourning processions of Shia sect on 7th, to 10th of Muharam, so far Kohat is quite peace ful, few rocket attacks on Kohat during last eight days of security forces operation were unable to cause any harm of considerable nature to lives of the citizens.
Due to close proximity of Dara Adam Khel tribal area with Kohat, artillery gun fire carried out during the night after beginning of operation last week and huge bomb and rocket explosions no one in Kohat district was able to sleep during the night, while reporting from a four miles distance amid huge explosions I had got severe headache due to sleepless ness and heavy explosions on 8th day of security forces operation during the midnight between Thursday and Friday only one huge explosion is heard, in the Friday evening while making this report I am still hearing sounds of gunshots, government sources have said that security forces are in control of Dara Adam Khel tribal area, weapons, snatched army ammunition trucks and explosives are found during search operation of security forces, old traditional Kohat Peshawar route built by British rulers of subcontinent is now open for traffic, but vehicles are moving in convoys, the Kohat Tunnel route is still closed, repair work in it is in progress.
In markets, streets and on roads of Kohat the rush has become visible again, trust in ability of Pakistan’s security forces is restored majority of the people are proudly mentioning the bravery and valor of Pakistan Armed forces, and are proudly mentioning the stories of their victory over militants, confidence of the people in government of Pakistan is restored.
I just had a meeting with ex Inspector General of NWFP police Mr. Masood Paracha who was having his routine evening walk within Paracha Town where his and my residence is located our area is at a four miles walking distance from Dara Adam Khel tribal area, he was looking calm cool and quite optimistic.
President Parvez Musharaf when came into power in 1999, Pakistan like any other third world country was facing economic and political crisis due to failure of successive governments to reform the corrupt state machinery, being an Army General he came up with Accountability bureau popularly known as NAB, normally in republics elected representatives of the people do this task of accountability, in USA committees of US Senate are famous for such tasks, in Pakistan due to lack of able and enlightened leadership at all levels during elected governments regimes, elected legislatures were unable to do its tasks like law making and accountability of government institutions and organizations, gradually these tasks are shifting to Pakistan Army, even due to inability of law enforcing agencies, law and order has become a concern of Pak Army, a friend of mine has recently remarked that if every task is being left for Army concerning our countries internal affairs who will take care of our borders?
The reason for uprising in Swat was fertile ground available to extremists in that region, slave labor, forced labor, economic strangulation of the people which was an outcome of centuries old feudal set up, extremists had exploited the situation in Swat and the settled area was again stabilized by Pakistan Armed forces, in Kurram agency and rest of our tribal areas including Swat unrest was also an outcome of certain external factors like long Pak Afghan border, instability in Afghanistan, and promotion of sectarian feelings by Iran, recently the arms and ammunition recovered from hide outs of Taliban militants in Dara Adam Khel by Pakistan security forces was of Russian and Indian made, ‘Lebenon, Iran and Northern Alliance of Afghanistan are actively involved in sectarian violence erupted on 16th of November 2007 in which more then three hundred people were killed,’ a source in Kurram agency has said.
Strengthening and rebuilding of political and government institutions in Pakistan is need of the hour, only one institution which is quite organized and modern in every respect is truly functional in Pakistan, other institution shall play their due role also to keep this country as independent and sovereign.
Written and submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Deputy Governor is killed in suicide bomb attack

It is a news story about two suicide bomb attacks carried out by Taliban militants in Afghanistan and search operation of Pakistan security forces in Dara Adam Khel tribal area.

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