Arrival of Tomcat junior

He is few days old stray kitten left by his mom in our home last night (stray cats they spread around their kittens in different homes for the reasons best known to them) the kitten has been named as Tomcat (though actual Tomcat was a very fat cat)  he was unwilling to pose for camera but finally agreed.

'True democracy; talk delivered by Abdur Raziq


Mother of all bombs

Mother of all bombs                      by Abdur Raziq, Correspondent APP
Afghans in olden times had sent only one soldier alive of British origin to tell the world that any external force bent upon capturing Afghanistan will meet the same end as their total elimination, earlier Afghans did the same with Mughal Army and other invaders, most recent were the Soviets whom were humiliated in Afghanistan after their invasion of Afghanistan in 1979.
When US armed forces and their NATO allies under UN mandate came to Afghanistan after nine eleven terrorist attacks on USA most of the people were of the view that they will meet the same end, Afghans do not tolerate external forces on their soil, they can only be deceived by terrorists having sanctuaries and operating in disguise of Muslim fighters there of foreign origins.
Those who know about the American might and boldness of US leadership knew that now Afghans are in serious trouble, American armed forces …

'Contradictions in political system' talk delivered by Abdur Raziq


UN version of freedom

UN version of freedom                     by Abdur Raziq, Correspondent APP
Centuries old biases and fears traveling through genes in generations of our times as well prevent us largely to be unbiased members of international community which is now speedily emerging as single entity due to speedy and effective means of communication.
Truly unbiased and highly educated among us products of UN funded educational institutions do make efforts to make this world a better place to live in and in return do get worldwide respect and love as well.
UN member countries do adopt provisions of fundamental rights for their people in their constitutions, as rightly pointed out once by Muhtarima Benazir Bhutto in her lifetime once that now UN member countries are no more sovereign in traditional sense of the term after incorporation provisions of fundamental rights as part of their constitutions, of course UN monitors observation of these provisions by its member count…

Politics of Utopia

Politics of Utopia

You don't have to be Plato while talking about Utopian style of imaginary political stances taken here in subcontinent. Ideal state of some Indian leaders exists in their minds and is extended till Middle East and in the whole of South Asia based upon thinking of ancient Hindu Philosopher Chankya who utterly rejects honesty and honest dealing and believes in extreme acts of cruelty. Some people in Pakistan do also think and act as Mughal Empire still exists.
From 1947 on wards so far four million inhabitants have lost their lives in bulk one million people have lost their lives during partition related displacements, and three million lives were lost during creation of Bangla Desh. Statistics regarding death caused during two major wars between India and Pakistan in 1965 and in 1971 and in subsequent subversive activities in both countries including in disputed state of Jamu and Kasmir are yet to be determined. 'Eutopion s…

Unbiased news reporting through blogger

Unbiased news reporting through blogger
                             by Abdur Raziq. Correspondent APP
With the arrival of President Donal J. Trump in office on 21st of January this year issues like unbiased reporting, and misreporting of current events related to him was raised in his tweets and facebook postings often.

 Unbiased reporting is a dream of every good journalist but than he has got editor of newspaper and newspaper owner as well having specific policies which each journalist has to follow even as editorial writer. Mostly these policies initiated by news papers owners in developing world are made to grab more advertisements for newspapers from both government and private sector.

Commercialized newspaper industry even in developed world sometimes compels editorial writers to write what is compatible to the policy of a news paper rather than speaking their own mind in unbiased manner while analyzing current events or other big issues.

Political …