Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Victory and freedom

                                       Victory and freedom
                                          by Abdur Raziq
I was thinking of difference between victory and freedom and as usual had drawn conclusions that military victory of one does not guarantee the freedom of anyone defeated but consolidates the freedom of victors only.

In militarized world of present age one can only think in these terms being a realist. Developing and underdeveloped countries leaderships do often dance upon the tunes of developed victorious world thus rarely guarantee freedoms of political, civil and economic nature to their citizens.

Lack of awareness and education at mass scale is also one reason behind deprivation of true freedom in developing and underdeveloped countries. Their leadership also is part of them that is why can not even think regarding true freedom.

Interestingly victory of extremist militant groups also guarantee only their freedom and paves the way for slavery of the conquered, when Taliban militants were succeeded in taking over Afghanistan and few tribal areas of Pakistan soon dwellers of these areas have realized that their freedom of economic, civil and political nature are curbed.

I think that people of developing and underdeveloped countries might get their true freedom if realization spread in militarily victorious developed world that militarization of the globe does not serve anyone's interest but paves the way for further violence, environmental pollution and extremism not only in developing world but in developed world as well.
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Friday, July 14, 2017

Arrival of Tomcat junior

He is few days old stray kitten left by his mom in our home last night (stray cats they spread around their kittens in different homes for the reasons best known to them) the kitten has been named as Tomcat (though actual Tomcat was a very fat cat)  he was unwilling to pose for camera but finally agreed.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Mother of all bombs

                                 Mother of all bombs
                     by Abdur Raziq, Correspondent APP

Afghans in olden times had sent only one soldier alive of British origin to tell the world that any external force bent upon capturing Afghanistan will meet the same end as their total elimination, earlier Afghans did the same with Mughal Army and other invaders, most recent were the Soviets whom were humiliated in Afghanistan after their invasion of Afghanistan in 1979.

When US armed forces and their NATO allies under UN mandate came to Afghanistan after nine eleven terrorist attacks on USA most of the people were of the view that they will meet the same end, Afghans do not tolerate external forces on their soil, they can only be deceived by terrorists having sanctuaries and operating in disguise of Muslim fighters there of foreign origins.

Those who know about the American might and boldness of US leadership knew that now Afghans are in serious trouble, American armed forces are neither lead by a Mughal King of olden times nor a Soviet dictator of a nuclear super power of modern times whom were defeated by Afghans. USA with a track record of two nuclear bomb attacks on Heroshema and Nagasaki during second world war having popularly elected government working under a constitution maily created to end tyranny and oppression of all sorts, and value of their citizens and even of animals is well recognized fact by them and they do know how to protect them.

Yesterday Mother of all bombs (MOAB) has been dropped on ISIS tunnels at Achin Nangarhar province of Afghanistan sources have said and has been confirmed by CNN as well. The bomb was dropped after a murder of American marine of SSG group there in Afghanistan, it is high time for militants either to surrender before US troops or to flee and start their new lives as peacefull citizen in different disguises, General James as Defence Secretary of USA and President Donald J. Trump in office means zero tolerance for any terrorists acting against USA and its allies.

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Friday, April 7, 2017

UN version of freedom

                               UN version of freedom
                    by Abdur Raziq, Correspondent APP

Centuries old biases and fears traveling through genes in generations of our times as well prevent us largely to be unbiased members of international community which is now speedily emerging as single entity due to speedy and effective means of communication.

Truly unbiased and highly educated among us products of UN funded educational institutions do make efforts to make this world a better place to live in and in return do get worldwide respect and love as well.

UN member countries do adopt provisions of fundamental rights for their people in their constitutions, as rightly pointed out once by Muhtarima Benazir Bhutto in her lifetime once that now UN member countries are no more sovereign in traditional sense of the term after incorporation provisions of fundamental rights as part of their constitutions, of course UN monitors observation of these provisions by its member countries and encourages and help those members whom are implementing these provisions in letter and spirit.

UN provides comprehensive definition of freedom which is based upon reality that provision of Civil, political and economic rights to the people is tantamount to giving them true freedom. In literate circles this concept of freedom has been taken well, in developed countries we can observe existence of this true version of freedom.

In developing world those who understand UN version of freedom are few in number in domain of politics, it is largely due to close connections of leaders involved in freedom struggle of ex colonies with Nazi dictator of Germany and Fascist dictator of Italy. Dictatorial trends and messages in their genes are so strong that even in present century they are unable to open their minds and to accept true version of freedom based upon provision of fundamental rights to their people.

I think establishment of more UN funded institutions will help in creation of more unbiased minds and will help to accelerate the pace for emergence of international culture. More observance of fundamental rights provisions in developing world and positive use of informal means of education might also help in eradication of message from genes of existing humans which contains biases and fears.

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Politics of Utopia

                                   Politics of Utopia

You don't have to be Plato while talking about Utopian style of imaginary political stances taken here in subcontinent. Ideal state of some Indian leaders exists in their minds and is extended till Middle East and in the whole of South Asia based upon thinking of ancient Hindu Philosopher Chankya who utterly rejects honesty and honest dealing and believes in extreme acts of cruelty. Some people in Pakistan do also think and act as Mughal Empire still exists.

From 1947 on wards so far four million inhabitants have lost their lives in bulk one million people have lost their lives during partition related displacements, and three million lives were lost during creation of Bangla Desh. Statistics regarding death caused during two major wars between India and Pakistan in 1965 and in 1971 and in subsequent subversive activities in both countries including in disputed state of Jamu and Kasmir are yet to be determined. 'Eutopion style of approach towards politics is largely responsible for this state of affairs here in subcontinent where Utopians spends too much on buying weapons from two major super powers and do receive handsome kick backs as well on weapon deals,' a source has once said.

Soviet Utopians while following their version of ideal state concept were entered in Afghanistan in 1979 their venture had also caused enormous Afghan and Soviet casualties finally their retreat and dismemberment of Soviet Union had left all Utopians of Soviet origin in state of shock, and today CNN came up with breaking news that in a metro station at ST. Petersburg ten people are killed and fifty others were wounded when bomb planted by miscreants went off there. Interestingly this breaking news came soon after few hours before this incident a source has revealed that China, Russia and Pakistan are about to enter in alliance relationship.

I think once the true spirit of UN Charter is being understood in Asia like Europe these Asian victims of massive causalities will be able to move ahead towards peace, stability and integration as well.

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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Unbiased news reporting through blogger

                            Unbiased news reporting through blogger
                             by Abdur Raziq. Correspondent APP
With the arrival of President Donal J. Trump in office on 21st of January this year issues like unbiased reporting, and misreporting of current events related to him was raised in his tweets and facebook postings often.

 Unbiased reporting is a dream of every good journalist but than he has got editor of newspaper and newspaper owner as well having specific policies which each journalist has to follow even as editorial writer. Mostly these policies initiated by news papers owners in developing world are made to grab more advertisements for newspapers from both government and private sector.

Commercialized newspaper industry even in developed world sometimes compels editorial writers to write what is compatible to the policy of a news paper rather than speaking their own mind in unbiased manner while analyzing current events or other big issues.

Political blogs on blogger are only option left for journalists to speak their mind in unbiased manner after getting a blog for themselves, but than blogging does not pay them anything and each honest and professional journalist has his own needs as well as humans, mostly journalists in developed west do stay unmarried but in developing world they do have families as well.

I by myself had to make contract with google adsense to have some earnings as journalist doing blogging as well for sake of unbiased reporting  there are other advertising agencies too whom are willing to display their ads on writings of popular journalist having blogs and enough traffic on their blogs as well. I think through blogging journalists can write much freely in unbiased manner not only about current events but regarding other big issues of international importance and can earn as well through Ad agencies.

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Work ethics

                               Work ethics
                  by Abdur Raziq, Correspondent APP
It is the standard of debate which attracts my attention often as journalist, I can lend my ear to every one in politics that is part of my job but I do always strive to project the one who is a literate politician and is a good human being as well these preferences of mine are related to journalistic ethics, being a journalist you are not supposed to make a hero out of villain.

Public complaints are also concern of journalists but we shall also investigate truth behind these complaints before highlighting the woes of public. Though in rough environment of developing world it is really difficult to do all that but this practice is also part of journalistic ethics.

In a world dominated by greed and lust for power and money people of all professions are prone to unethical practices specially in developing world where portion of the course regarding professional ethics is also being memorized to pass the exam only and is not understood by most of the students, quality of education matters a lot.

When after elections when democrats start holding protest demonstrations and rallies instead of going to law courts for remedies no one in media terms them as fascist or Nazi's but when President Donald J. Trump holds a rally to show his support among people in response he is being termed as Nazi and Fascist holding rallies after elections.

Same is the case here in developing world only very few journalists had termed hereditary political parties as Nazi or Fascist organizations mostly they hide the truth from public to serve the interest of the news paper and private TV channel owners because  their silence means more revenues in terms of advertisements to these media outlets.

No one can be perfect but we shall strive to do our jobs well whether we are journalists or politicians or in other fields within the ethical limits by this way we can make this world a better place to live in.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Additional steps to make UN Resolution on Kashmir acceptable for all

 Additional steps to make UN Resolution on Kashmir acceptable for all
                       By Abdur Raziq, Correspondent APP

Resolution adopted at the meeting of the United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan on 5 January, 1949. (Document No. 5/1196 para. 15, dated the 10th January, 1949) needs some additions in the wake of new developments in whole of Kashmir region regarding implementation procedure, it devise role for only Kashmir’s government backed by India in Jammu and Kashmir and ignores government of Azad Kashmir based in Muzafarabad, prudent course of action can be formation of interim government having representation from both parts of Kashmir and pull out of armed forces of both India and Pakistan from Kashmir till the time accession verdict of the people of Kashmir has been expressed through fair and free plebiscite under supervision of UN forces. UN forces shall assist UN appointed plebiscite administrator in holding plebiscite and interim government and shall approve final appointment of UN secretary General’s nominee as UN plebiscite administrator in Kashmir.

Below is the complete text of UN resolution regarding Kashmir:

THE UNITED NATIONS COMMISSION FOR INDIA AND PAKISTAN Having received from the Governments of India and Pakistan in Communications, dated December 23 and December 25, 1948, respectively their acceptance of the following principles which are supplementary to the Commission's Resolution of August 13, 1948;
1. The question of the accession of the State of Jammu and Kashmir to India or Pakistan will be decided through the democratic method of a free and impartial plebiscite;
2. A plebiscite will be held when it shall be found by the Commission that the cease-fire and truce arrangements set forth in Parts I and II of the Commission's resolution of 13 August 1948, have been carried out and arrangements for the plebiscite have been completed;
(a) The Secretary-General of the United Nations will, in agreement with the Commission, nominate a Plebiscite Administrator who shall be a personality of high international standing and commanding general confidence. He will be formally appointed to office by the Government of Jammu and Kashmir.
(b) The Plebiscite Administrator shall derive from the State of Jammu and Kashmir the powers he considers necessary for organising and conducting the plebiscite and for ensuring the freedom and impartiality of the plebiscite.
(c) The Plebiscite Administrator shall have authority to appoint such staff or assistants and observers as he may require.
The steps which I had mentioned in first two paras are just a sketch, my insistence on UN forces deployment in Kashmir to conduct plebiscite in troubled valley of Kashmir is to ensure fair play, besides trouble part of Kashmir is with India currently where the life is at standstill due to freedom struggle of people of Kashmir. The part of Kasmir which is with Pakistan is peaceful so far but ceasefire violation on control line is adversely affecting its populace which are frequent and large in number. Pakistani authorities have reported more than two hundred violations of cease fire from India during past one year or so.

UN forces has to establish peace by pacifying groups involved in freedom struggle and of course in presence of neutral force in the valley chances of negotiated settlements with armed groups present in the valley will become more bright.

UN also has improved its monitoring systems and insights based conclusions regarding conflict resolution, thus in current age UN standards of measuring existence of true freedoms of the people in a specific country are scale and level of provision of economic, civil and political rights to the population, UN helps the people around the globe by monitoring of the level of provision of these rights to people by states and governments functioning in these states. I think that India and Pakistan and people of Kashmir as well can enjoy lasting freedom if civil, political and economic rights are being provided to the people in true sense of these terms. That is an enlightened and up to date option which can save people of Kashmir from going through trauma of outdated solution envisaged in UN Resolution regarding Kashmir.

UN section related to monitoring of economic, civil and political rights violations and responsible for creation of conducive conditions for promotion of these rights in UN member countries is a reflection of evolution through which UN is gone through after its formation soon after second world war. Now UN is quite capable of promoting education and awareness of these rights to give true meanings to the word freedom.

In subcontinent armed groups fighting for freedom are barely aware of the true version of freedom based upon extension of fundamental rights to the people they are fighting for dominance of ideologies deprived of having any compatibility with UN version of true freedom.

Even political parties in subcontinent are at the pattern of Fascist and Nazi organizations having no democracy within the party structure and system. So far only one political party in Pakistan has opted for within the party elections and probably so far it is the only political organization in subcontinent having democracy in it.

Fate of UN resolution regarding Kashmir in its original shape will be finally decided by UN it has its own observers to monitor control line, with enhanced quality of leadership and awareness in public here in subcontinent might help to enhance prospects of peace and to end violence emanated from communal conflict which has caused one million deaths soon after partition of subcontinent in 1947 and has caused displacements of ten million people according to BBC documentary four million people had migrated from Pakistan to India and six million people have migrated from India to Pakistan and among them one million people have lost their lives,

So far two major wars and good number of limited wars were fought between India and Pakistan because in violation of principle of partition that Muslim Majority areas will be included in Pakistan and Hindu majority areas will be included in India India has annexed Kashmir by use of force and some portion of it has been taken back by Pakistan, continuous conflict over Kashmir has made subcontinent a bleeding wound of Asia, the conflict has also diverted the resources of subcontinent towards wars and creation of war machinery thus worst scenes of poverty and deprivation and people living under subhuman conditions are visible all around in this region. I think that international community and UN both shall take this situation seriously because both India and Pakistan are now nuclear states, and UN shall take all the necessary steps to avert another war over Kashmir and shall come up with all necessary steps to resolve Kashmir issue by all means available to it.

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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Friday, February 10, 2017

President Trump's war on media

                                   President Trump's war on media
                                 by Abdur Raziq, Correspondent APP
How to escape from President Trump's declared war on media as journalist without being partial or party to the conflict? I daily receive good number of his tweets and messages on facebook and twitter and do watch and listen to his speeches as well. He is at war with Judiciary too. He dislikes judge given suspension on immigration ban verdict imposed by him through executive order.

USA being a melting pot of civilizations is conglomeration of immigrants from all around the world, few original Americans known as Red Indians are the only symbols of original culture of America.

From his tweets and speeches I came to know that he has imposed  temporary ban on immigration from seven Muslim countries through executive order on a pretext of national security and provision of protection to American citizens.

He says the judge whom has suspended ban on immigration will be held responsible if any bad thing happens in USA. I think both President Donald J. Trump and the Judge are doing their job well, if security measures regarding entry of immigrants in USA are being made strict, and corruption in process of issuing visas on fake identity papers is removed nothing bad will happen in USA.

When president says why these immigrants are not accepting US cultural norms, he ignores that he has large China Towns in USA where even buildings do reflect Chinese culture, than large population of African Americans also has their own culture and their forefathers were not cordially invited to USA they were brought by force.  Spanish, French and Italian population of USA has own ways of doing things.

Interestingly president by himself is not a Red Indian whom are real inhabitants of America, first lady is also an immigrant so I think president may agree with me that USA is a melting pot of civilizations and cultural melting needs lot of time.

Interestingly his another two concerns like payment of money from NATO for requisition of US troops and building of wall on border with Mexico are beyond the jurisdiction of US Supreme Court so he can go ahead with his these two agenda items, common joke about wall on border issue is that while responding to his payment of money for wall demand his Mexican counter part has responded that I have got no money to even buy and eat poison from where will I pay for the wall.

What really make USA secure is stable international system in which chaos is not there in developing world. Efficient security mechanisms, eradication of corruption around the globe and vigilance are good answers to present day security issues.

His war on media of course if succeeds to remove corrupt practices on part of journalists that will be good, if no such practices exist than his war shall be a pillow fight with his journalist friends, he shall know that President Nixon had lost his seat in consequence of impeachment triggered by an article written by a journalist. Media shall also remain impartial and fair to escape conflict with president.

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Thursday, February 9, 2017


Attack on students of Army Public School and college Peshawar and massacre of students there was a turning point in history of Pakistan, terrorists had attacked them on 16th of December which is national day of mourning Dhaka fall though officially this day has not been declared a mourning day but those whom have high stakes in Pakistan in terms of finance and investments, and were making money through jute exports of former East Pakistan 16th December makes them feel sad.
Families of those Army officers and men, whom were martyred in East Pakistan in 1971 while fighting war against India and its financed organization Mukti Bahini, do also mourn. TTP financed by India had launched attack on APSC Peshawar on 16th of December to demoralize Pakistan Armed forces and citizens of Pakistan, the nation of braves has responded and become more united and determined to confront Indian gorilla tactics by taking up on TTP militants, on political front Imran Khan of PTI had abruptly ended Sit-in Islamabad and finance minister Dar and Shah Mehmood Qureishi of PTI were seen together on TV screens here in Pakistan.
Today five more militants of TTP are killed here in Matani area of Peshawar during encounter two security forces men were also injured. Response of political and military leadership of nuclear Pakistan soon after the 16th December attack on APSC Peshawar students bears clear message to India that no Mukti Bahini like Indian financed TTP will be tolerated here in Pakistan to soften the ground and to pave the way for Indian invasion of Pakistan.

Abdur Raziq

M.phil US Study (International Relation-History) 

Monday, February 6, 2017

How to protect USA

                             How to protect USA
              Written by Abdur Raziq, correspondent APP

Being a only super power of the world USA is secure from external aggressions of conventional and nuclear nature. US armed forces are best in all respects, and missile defence system is also there to save US citizens from any possible nuclear attack, any missile carrying nuclear war heads heading towards USA can be destroyed over ocean.

Nine eleven attacks carried out by terrorists of Saudi origin were originated within USA and large number of people killed inside USA due to one reason or another some people say are due to easy access to weapons, according to ex president of USA Mr. Obama 'it is difficult to find fresh vegetables in market but weapons of all sorts can be easily bought from there.'

Those whom are in favor of easy access to weapons for US citizens they say that people prefer to deal with robbers by their own weapons swiftly than from waiting for police which often reach the trouble spot when a person is ribbed and robbers have managed to escape.

When Japanese U boats had attacked pearl harbor during second world Japan was hit back with two nuclear bombs by US pilots, thus external world has learnt its lesson, messing with USA means invitation to total destruction for external aggressors.

Once you own a weapon and even if you are not attacked by a robber there can be hundred and one reasons to feel like using that weapon. The reasons can be psychological or related to human instinct as well.

President Donald J. Trump during election campaign had once revealed that terrorists on fake identity papers as refugees can enter in USA and there were some information received regarding it. I by myself being a citizen of a country having three million or more refugee population do came across hundreds of such cases where refugees have made fake national identity cards of Pakistan. I agree with his apprehensions regarding terrorists entry in USA on fake identity papers.

There are reports regarding increased hatred and unrest within USA, and some people dissatisfied with election results are reportedly found behind all this, even in Canada some one has tried to incite people b throwing head of a pig at the gate of mosque such practices were common in India where often Hindu-Muslim communal hatred were intensified into violence through such practices, same was happened in Qubec Canada where finally a mosque was attacked recently and at least six people were killed there.

I think it is always good to single out potential threats and those whom have committed crimes against USA and its citizens and shall be dealt with iron hand, such people do belong to different religions, countries and communities. The truth is that world is full of criminals belonging to different religions, we have good Christians, good Muslims, good Hindus and good Jews and these good people are loved and respected every where, similarly we have bad people too belonging to these religions so for bad actions of one person or group of persons belonging to a specific religion does not make us conclude that all people of that specific religion are bad. Fair action against real culprits can save USA from violence within spread of hatred against any community will not help in this respect.
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Saturday, February 4, 2017

How diplomacy is a key part of our world today

                                                 How diplomacy is a key part of our world today         
                                                     by Abdur Raziq, Correspondent APP
In nuclear age importance of diplomacy has been increased up to the extent that survival of mankind has become dependent on it. Though balance of terror and power has been tilted towards USA in today's unipolar world in which world is now in the clutches of CIA, ideological conflict between Nuclear South Korea and USA and existence of Communist China as nuclear power are still there to reckon with.

Coalition of Nuclear Russia with Iran and Asad regime of Syria are also the realities of present day world, prevailing conflict in Iraq and Libya are also having some role of the coalition of these three countries.

At the end of cold war in 1991 with dismemberment of Soviet Union an equal ideological adversary of US lead free world was a consequence of successful diplomatic moves of USA in formation of regional alliances to contain expansionist Soviets Union and its allied communist powers. Ping Pong diplomacy to improve relations with China after Sino-Soviet rift in 1959 was an important move made by USA through Pakistani intermediaries thus cracks in communist alliance against free world were made through diplomacy.

Diplomatic efforts of Soviets and Chinese communist regimes were resulted in resolution of their border dispute after Sino-Soviet rift in 1959.

Focus of US diplomacy being a sole super power is to maintain its status as such, while UN being an international organization formed for promotion of peace after second world war has also become a platform for USA to make moves through consensus of international community as witnessed here in Afghanistan.

Diplomatic moves of USA were total success on recent deal with Iran while Iran-Russia coalition with Asad regime in Syria is a source of concern for USA because smooth transition of Syria towards democracy has become difficult if not impossible in presence of Iranian and Russian support of Asad regime.

In South Asia nuclear Pakistan and its nuclear neighbor India have fought two major wars and number of limited wars over disputed region of Kashmir during last seventy years of their independence from British colonial rule. Soviet mediation at Tashqand between India and Pakistan in 1965 was resulted in truce of temporary nature after the war of 1965 between both over Kashmir issue. Vast area of India captured by Pakistani troops was returned back to India.

In consequence of war in 1971 between India and Pakistan Pakistan was dismembered and its ninety thousand soldiers and vast area of west Pakistan were captured by India, diplomatic efforts of Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto a graduate from an American university were resulted release of Pakistani troops and return of its captured area as well. Bhutto had resolved that problem through bilateral negotiations with Prime Minister of India madam Indira Gandhi through successful conclusion of Shimla Agreement.

Limited war at Kargul between India and Pakistan was ended through bilateral negotiations between India and Pakistan through Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan and prime minister of India Mr. Atal Behari Wajpai new agreement was also signed between both countries.

Diplomacy has played key role in diffusing tensions and hostilities in different regions of the world from Cuban Missile crisis till nine eleven diplomacy played pivotal role in promotion of peace through summit meetings, through foreign offices and through international peace organization UN as well.

Israel's and American successful diplomatic efforts after each Arab-Israel war in Middle East have not only paved the way for existence of Israel as independent, democratic and sovereign state but has also helped Israel in having enhanced support in UN as well. Oil embargo imposed by OPEC against USA and its western allies was also lifted after successful US diplomatic efforts.

In presence of unresolved Kashmir dispute between  nuclear powers of India and Pakistan and existence of conflict of interest between nuclear Russia and USA in Syria, Libya and Iraq further successful diplomatic moves are need of the hour.

In human interaction most polite platform in multicultural environment is diplomacy, highly educated and well mannered diplomats when interact with their counter parts often the scene becomes a source of public attention. Outcome of their negotiated efforts also gains applause from humanity at large. In fact survival of mankind in nuclear age depends on increased diplomatic interaction and diplomatic success.

Cultural exchange and educational programmes through US embassies, increased people to people contact through internet and social media has become a source of understanding and emergence of international culture thus world is moving towards more cultural understanding through diplomatic means which will ultimately pacify the mankind at large scale. Fear of unknown has been replaced by increased trust and understanding between humans of the world.

Increased ratio of literate people along with efforts of mostly US lead western world to promote quality education around the globe obviously through initiatives of diplomatic channels will help in spread of democracy in developing world and will also make its way in communist countries too, thus ultimate end of ideological difference seems quite near. Once ideological differences are ended the world will become more peaceful place to live in, British Council and American embassies are of a great help in this respect. 

Interestingly increased diplomatic efforts at different levels have increased the number of groups on social media and in Middle East and South Asian regions as well whom are openly against war between India and Pakistan and between Arabs and Israelites. That indicates increased trust in outcome of diplomatic efforts around the globe.

Degree of UN diplomatic successes has been also enormous its role in conduct of out of country polling arrangements for newly democratised Afghanistan and Iraq has paved the way for replacement of bullets through ballot.

Increased means of communication have helped diplomats to send clear messages with accuracy and precision with added comprehensiveness in present age, with promotion of equal education further at global level distrust among humans will end at large scale thus diplomacy will become more and more an effective tool in promotion of peace.

In nuclear age world is divided into developed and developing countries seven among these are nuclear powers and still degree of hate between different ideologies and religions and racial groups is prevailing at different scales. Militarization in different regions of the world also exist at large scale, Iraq, Syria, Lybia, and Kashmir are witnessing turmoil emanated from hate, true meanings of freedom are not known in many regions of the world people do fight for freedom without demanding their civil, political and economic rights thus become more enslaved after attainment of freedom of their patriotic or religious sentiments, that had happened in subcontinent after departure of British rulers people were enslaved by dictatorial powers in the name of freedom and democracy. Both are now nuclear powers too. Increased diplomatic efforts on part of UN and US lead free world can play important role in improving the situation here in subcontinent. People of Syria Iraq and Lybia are also in difficult situation, increased diplomatic efforts to improve their lot is also needed badly, people fleeing from these countries are flooding Europe, Australia, and USA as well irregularities and fake identities as refugees of some criminal elements have caused protective immigration policy in USA which has enhanced the sufferings of genuine refugees, promotion of peace in troubled countries of Middle East will make USA more secure and great as well and people there will be safe in their own countries.
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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

President Trump fired Sally Yales

Statement on the Appointment of Dana Boente as Acting Attorney General
"The acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, has betrayed the Department of Justice by refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect the citizens of the United States. This order was approved as to form and legality by the Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel.
Ms. Yates is an Obama Administration appointee who is weak on borders and very weak on illegal immigration.
It is time to get serious about protecting our country. Calling for tougher vetting for individuals travelling from seven dangerous places is not extreme. It is reasonable and necessary to protect our country.
Tonight, President Trump relieved Ms. Yates of her duties and subsequently named Dana Boente, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, to serve as Acting Attorney General until Senator Jeff Sessions is finally confirmed by the Senate, where he is being wrongly held up by Democrat senators for strictly political reasons.
“I am honored to serve President Trump in this role until Senator Sessions is confirmed. I will defend and enforce the laws of our country to ensure that our people and our nation are protected,” said Dana Boente, Acting Attorney General." Statement issued by the president of USA.
A source inside USA has confirmed that apprehensions expressed by President Trump are true wall between Mexico and USA border exists and is made of iron bars but is having holes in it.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq
M.Phil US Study (International Relation-History)
Address: Abdur Raziq Part Time Correspondent APP house # T348 Paracha Town Pindi road Kohat KP Pakistan.
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Friday, January 27, 2017

10th Death Anniversary of Malik Saad Shaheed

                      10th Death Anniversary of Malik Saad Shaheed

                          by Abdur Raziq, Correspondent APP

Kohat 27-1-2017

In year 2007 on 27th of January when Malik Saad Capital City Police Chief Peshawar was informed that a suicide bomber is on his way to launch attack on holy place (Imam Bargah) of Shia sect Muslims, it was seventh of Muharram and good number of Shia sect Muslims were there gathered to mourn the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) happened fourteen hundred years ago at Karbala Iraq, Malik Saad being valiant police officer had rushed along with his staff towards the attack spot situated in Dhaki Dalgaran of Qisa Khani bazaar of Peshawar. When he reached there suicide bomber of Uzbek Origin had made his move and had exploded his explosive jacket after reaching near him. Consequently Malik Saad Shaheed and many others were martyred.

His son Malik Ihtisham, DIG Kohat Region Awal Khan and District Police Officer Kohat Javed Iqbal and many others have paid homage to his tomb situated and have spread flowers over his grave. DIG and DPO have applauded his services and have said that vacuum created by his demise can not be filled. Martyrdom anniversary of Malik Saad has been observed at many place in KP on this day, he was a popular, God fearing and brave police officer.

His elder brother Malik Saleem Custom Collector in Karachi was also martyred there while performing his professional duties in incorruptible and professional manner without making any compromise with smugglers. He was son in law of Peer of Pagara Sharif.

I have the honor to have their niece as my wife, both her mother and father Malik Bashir are first cousins of Martyred Malik Saad and Malik Saleem. Their great Mom had also breathed her last last year. Once she has told me and my wife, Malik Saad always say Mom I’ll die before you I can’t live this life without you Mom!

Such incidents happen in a society where mafia takes over and life becomes impossible for honest officers because mafia eradicates them at ease mostly through professional killers when they become hurdle for mafia.

Political will is needed to establish rule of law in KP and all over Pakistan as well, mere cosmetic measures will further pave the way for complete take over of mafia here, so far hundreds of men and officers of law enforcing agencies have lost their precious lives in battle against weapon and drug mafia trying to take over every institution of Pakistan.

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thinking dog

 Thinking dog
by Abdur Raziq, Correspondent APP

I never ever felt irritated in presence of dogs if they are properly chained and kept at a safe distance from me, and of course I feel not only irritated but do stay at high alert in presence of unchained and strange dogs.

Though now it has become usual affair here in Paracha Town Kohat that in the evening strange dogs start moving around and without car it becomes a risky affair to reach back home there. In brief humans are left on mercy of strange and unchained dogs here, to have a walk after six o’clock has become a risky affair, though I do it because of my strange experience with a strange dog. After coming across that dog I had started believing in good nature of dogs as well.

Once me and my youngest brother Shabir both were walking in street of Jungle Khel Kohat, he was three years old at that time and I was six years of age. While holding my finger he was walking towards uncle Ghulam’s residence when we both found a Bul Tare sleeping at the road side before his master’s home, we both walked our way way fearlessly and when we reached near the sleeping Bull Tare my three years old brother Shabir was unable to resist his desire to put his foot on its tale and he did it, sleeping Bul Tare when felt light pressure of his foot on its tail had opened his blue eyes and turned his head towards us, and while looking at us has started thinking. I moved my brother away from the thinking and staring Bull Tare and soon distance between us became larger, finally we both found ourselves at the door of Uncle Ghulam’s residence and were warmly received by our cousins awaiting our arrival there.

When in research methodology course we were taught that humans they think and animals just react when are provoked, that thinking dog always peeped into my mind to refute that statement.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Snow fall on mountain peaks around Kohat valley

Winter this year in January has become severely cold in Kohat because of excessive snow fall on mountains of neighboring Orakzai tribal Agency. During past years in January only peaks of the mountains were covered by snow but this year mountains seems to be covered fully with snow. Amid continuous rain fall falling temperature had squeezed the electricity wires before our residence and with some noise like fireworks electric supply system went down and had also fused all the light bulbs earlier this week, only light bulb of my bedroom was secure and charger of my laptop was also miraculously safe from the shock of electricity wires short circuit out in the street.

Today a smart technician of WAPDA Kohat has corrected the problem, only the wire of our residence was affected but he says it was a technical fault and is not a consequence of any subversive activity. Our neighbor says three bulbs of his residence were also fused.

Previously such occurrences were caused by hook thrown on electricity wire by a consumer to get direct electricity without paying for it. It seems that monitoring teams of WAPDA have prevented such practices now.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


               by Abdur Raziq, Correspondent APP
               Kohat 12-1-2017
Winter was not that much harsh in Kohat during November and December thus series of weddings was witnessed here. Engineer Hamid Qaume’s daughter was wedded to son of Doctor Fazl ur Rehman her wedding lunch was in Peshawar so was unable to reach there. Than on a Sunday of December three wedding lunches were held here in Kohat, I was able to attend only one that was of the son of Naseem Anwar vice principal cadet college Kohat. A recently promoted Major General of Pakistan Army had also graced the occasion along with Engineer Malik Abid of CNW Kohat and many other prominent figures, lunch was arranged at serene open space of cadet college Kohat.

 At the same day wedding lunch of the son of Colonel Naeem Jan was arranged in Kohat Garrison Club and wedding lunch of the nephew of my APP colleague Islahudin was arranged here in Paracha Town Kohat which was attended by Faraz because I was unable to attend three wedding lunches at one time, it was humanly not possible.

Sidiq Paracha of Radio Pakistan according to him has been promoted to the job of vice principal of Pakistan Broadcasting Academy in Islamabad previously he was serving Radio Pakistan in Gilgit.

 On wedding lunch of his son Umer whom is also serving in Radio Pakistan Kohat retired Colonel Khalid Mehmood, Farid Qadir of small industrie KP, Shakirullah Khan General Manager NTC Islamabad, Abdur Rauf advocate of Kohat Bar and Mudasir Munir Raja advocate of Rawalpindi Bar and many other prominent figures were there. The wedding lunch of his son was held on ist day of the year 2017 in Paracha Town Kohat. His nephew Yousuf Zubair has been also wedded this month. Wedding lunch of the son of Umer Khayam was held in Mohallah Barkatullah of Kohat city and was also widely attended by the people.

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sheheryar passes away

    Sheheryar passes away
by Abdur Raziq, correspondent APP
Kohat 15-1-2017
Sheheryar son of Usman resident of Chikar Kote Kohat had breathed his last in Saudi Arabia and from last twelve days his family members are trying to bring his dead body back to Pakistan for burial, he has left two daughters a son and a widow behind, his brother Ahmed had tried to bring his dead body back while reaching there to Saudi Arabia on Umra visa, but in one week he was unable to arrange the return of dead body of his brother and now is on way back to Pakistan.

His another brother Shahid is making efforts to bring his brother Sheheryar’s dead body back from Saudi Arabia, Shahid is a British national and is based in London, so far he is also unable to reach Saudi Arabia for this purpose.

Family members of the deceased Sheheryar are making efforts to bring his dead body back which is kept in hospital of Saudi Arabia from last 12 days, and are in need of help from Saudi authorities in this respect.

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Fun is my middle name

                                Fun is my middle name
                          written by Abdur Raziq, Correspondent APP

'Nasir Khan Yousufzai from Gilgit sir, I have got admission here in International Relations department of Qauid i Azam university, being one year senior from me sir please guide me,' these were his words while meeting me for the first time in campus of QAU. He was having bright smiling face with large but nicely trimmed and well managed mostache, after hand shake I asked him, 'have you got your room in hostel if not contact the warden. He replied, 'Sir I am from Gilgit but do have two residences here in Islamabad, will prefer to stay in hostel though'. 'I like well mannered people am happy to have you as my junior will extend any help you need,' I extended assurance to him. After saying thank you to me he went back towards his class fellows.

After sometime I came across him in hostel and he had told me about his newly allotted room there and invited me to see his room, when we reached near to the door of his room I found an interesting sticker there written on it was 'Fun is my middle name' within few months we became fast friends he had a biscuit color car and he was a real friend of friends, jolly, intelligent and fun loving, he had opted for civil services exam after doing masters in International Relations and M Phil in US Study (History-IR) was selected and became federal officer in information ministry.

Since long I was not in touch with him, years ago in Islamabad one of our common friend from Gilgit had told me Nasir Khan is no more in this world now obviously no journalist believe in any such news without making effort to know the truth about it, in Pakistan it is so common that people spread rumors about deaths of rich and lively people often till yesterday I was not sure about his death after confirmation I am writing these lines about him to inform all friends in our international group spread over many countries. He was the one whom had taught us how to help our country fellows in crisis like situations, in this blog story regarding Ojhri camp blasts and our group efforts to help people amid flying missiles and rockets has been already written by me.

He was loved by all, he was very kind to his mom and his only sister, was man of great caliber, once he has told me, Raziq Khan in age I am senior than you, you are academically senior than me, I had spent lot of time in my mining venture in high mountains of Gilgit, after importing mining machines me and my men had started digging for diamonds there. He had laughingly added finally from all that mining activity had got some precious stones and venture was ended on no profit no loss bases.

We all will miss you Nasir Khan forever you were a rare jewel in the crown of Gilgit, friend of friends, smart brave and courageous. May your soul rest in peace!

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Saturday, November 26, 2016



                 written by Abdur Raziq, Correspondent APP

Classic example of federation is United States of America if we peep into history of political thought. Obviously concept of federation is quite abhorrent to the minds of people in developing countries most of these were colonies of Great Britain which has unitary set up.

Presidential form of government suits a federation while in unitary set up parliamentary form of government works well. In US federation founding fathers have tried to create a system in which people can be saved from tyranny and oppression, thus system of checks and balance was incorporated so intelligently that even majority can not become oppressive or tyrannical. In parliamentary form of government no such checks do exist.

Executive head in USA is President of USA and constitutionality of his executive orders can be challenged and checked in US Supreme Court, Congressional legislation can be also reviewed by the same court. Impeachment process of judges also exist in the system, in brief no organ of government can be tyrant or oppressive.

Parliamentary system with absolute majority rule is working well in Great Britain where the moral standards are so high and media plays a very positive role. In developing countries like Pakistan and India where concept of federation has been infused with parliamentary form of government to give it a new look though both are copied concepts, people of these countries are facing both tyranny and oppression as well.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Haunted House

                                                   Haunted House
                              written by Abdur Raziq, Correspondent APP

Subcontinent after going through two major wars and numerous limited wars between Pakistan and India is giving a look of haunted house in which ghosts of Fascism, Nazism, Communism and witches of Nationalism and Extremism are ruling the minds of one billion and eighteen hundred million people dwelling here because of by chance phenomena of birth.

Ghosts of Fascism, Communism and Nazism and witches of nationalism and extremism have portrayed themselves as champions of democracy and have gained the confidence of people by exploiting their ignorance regarding true democracy.

Recently when Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had opted for within the party elections and had successfully implemented his decision too to infuse real and true democratic spirit within his own party ranks the traditional ghosts and witches having dictatorial leanings but portraying themselves as democrats are at a high alert now and finding ways and means to remain credible and influential  as sodo democrats.

War was always a good option for ghosts and witches of dictatorships of all sorts in whole subcontinent, Never ever any political hereditary mafia has opted to go democratic from within by initiating within the party elections but with the help of their stooges in media have always succeeded to catch the vote of unaware public in the name of democracy of their own brand which is always worst than even military dictatorship. To prolong their dictatorial rule ghosts and witches of dictatorial orientation have always opted for war.

Democracy flourishes when a country has large and literate middle class, through wars the people of subcontinent were impoverished to guarantee dictatorial rule here. Once again clouds of war have taken over the sky in subcontinent, people deprived of their civil, political and economic rights are mislead towards war in the name of freedom which in absence of aforementioned rights is a myth.

Lovely peace activists in subcontinent are very much sure of their ability to avert war this time and I also believe that they can, in fact I am supporting them by spreading true democratic ideas through my written and spoken words as journalist with a hope that awareness will spread swiftly and ghosts and witches of dictatorial orientation will loose grounds soon, which is utmost necessary for having lasting peace in subcontinent.

Educated few in Pakistan along with top brass of Armed Forces and Bureaucracy are well aware of the negative outfall caused on our national life by these witches and ghosts often resistance come from these institutions and struggle to uphold constitution in its letter and spirit also gets strength often when realization spreads that exploitative use of religion and nationalism both are weakening the bases of very existence of our state here in Pakistan, in India such thinking also prevails and gradually number of voices against it are at increase there as well.

Obsolete thinking and ideas present in the heads of people makes them appear as ghosts and witches as well, their deeds also portray them as such. Whenever I hear an extremist leader whether Indian or Pakistani and one is in power too in India I feel like trapped in haunted subcontinent when educated beings from both countries start complaining about such creatures as journalist I start recollecting my energy to respond in a way that ghost and witch making all others suffer shall be sent back to the bottle from which it was unleashed without putting myself or my fellow beings in difficult situation.

I think that by broadening the mental horizons of our fellow beings in subcontinent we can send the ghosts and witches back into their bottles, for that we need more educated people in media and in politics as well, of course mostly brave hearts because it is not easy to challenge a ruling fascist ghost having support of extremists as well which is a current scenario in India.

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Electoral College

                                           Electoral College
                               by Abdur Raziq, Correspondent APP

Wisdom behind electoral college is guaranteed recognition of the will of voters of all the states whether large or small, popular vote will always make a candidate win from large populous states in USA which will be a violation of the true spirit of federalism.

 Though number of electors is also based upon size of population of each state yet it gives a real popular base to a presidential candidate through electoral college votes because principal of equal representation regarding membership of US senate has been also incorporated in it.

Besides existence of electoral college guarantees that winning candidate is really acceptable to the people of all the states whether large or small in size and is having unbiased mind. End of electoral college will pave the way for victory of those candidates whom are acceptable only to large and most populous states of USA.

Outcome of recent presidential elections in USA have encouraged a female candidate madam Hillary Clinton. She has bagged popular vote of majority of the voters which indicates decreased bias against women candidates.

Electoral victory of Mr. Donald J, Trump through electoral college reflects his unbiased mind and his popularity in all the states of USA thus unity of federation has been strengthened as usual. Uproar on streets against him has no logic in presence of system of checks and balances in US political system. 

End of electoral college can also pave the way for disinterest of political parties in small states during presidential elections because they will concentrate only on few large states to bag majority vote for their candidate, thus wisdom of founding fathers in maintaining true spirit of federalism through electoral college will be ignored. And that scenario will cause dents in US federation.

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Thursday, November 17, 2016


                           by Abdur Raziq, Correspondent APP

One never feel like giving explanations to planes (word plane is used for heroine addicts in Kohat district of KP Pakistan) that is why I plainly refused to give him any money or explanation when he begged for it. I usually don’t come across these addicted planes, yesterday I was looking for a Bull Tare puppy which a friend of mine had demanded from me after sending his better half and children to Saudi Arabia.

Besides I was also looking out for a second driver responsible for transportation duty of my school going children to pay his monthly transportation charges, had succeeded to pay first one in the morning.

After having hair cut from barber shop had decided to sit along with a disciple of Nabab Jawed Khan uncle in open space of a marble factory and their the plane arrived, he was wearing dirty clothes, normally these addicted planes smoke smack under the bridges of big drains and in graveyards situated in suburban areas of Kohat thus make their clothes dirty. When he left with a broken heart at my refusal regarding his money demand I asked two sources gathered around me there of course one among the sources was puppy seller.

First source has plainly refused to point out the den from which all the addicted planes used to buy their fuel commonly known as white powder and brown powder. My own hunch is the den is somewhere on Kohat Pindi road because most of the addicted planes fly high on this road during the evening and sometimes in the morning as well.

A source in response to my questions has said ok your article might help them in getting rid of addiction but each addict will start emitting blood in his urine afterwards the moment he will stop smoking heroine so let them smoke as much as they can.

Psychologist Shafiq Dar says in his thesis that self concept of an individual when becomes distorted he starts smoking heroine as an attempt to make gradual suicide. Thus to decrease the number of addicts in our society we shall learn to treat our fellow individuals well so they remain thinking high about their selves.

I don’t know whether my written words will be of any help to anyone in this respect but honestly feel that these human addicted planes deserve some attention from society and from law enforcing agencies as well because their number is alarmingly increased in Kohat.

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Fascism talk delivered by Abdur Raziq Contact # 00923339607378

Politics in free world lead by USA is source of comfort for the people and in developing countries where mislead people are still surviving under absolute or semi fascist set ups being unaware of democratic values are suffering as well.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

'Civil and Economic rights' talk delivered by Abdur Raziq

Orientation regarding politics, its various dimensions in context of politics of subcontinent is an interesting subject. It is important for the people of subcontinent to have understanding regarding democracy and its related behavior to get rid of prevailing absurdity.https://archetus.blogspot.com/2017/06/politics-talk-delivered-by-abdur-raziq.html

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Loads of love to mother earth

Mother earth often trembles under increased weight of sky high buildings over it

She also suffers when ingredients from its body are extracted from it

The smoke spread in the air from burning of its ingredients makes her sons and daughters suffer too

What will happen when the sky high buildings over it will out weight the mountains balancing mother earth

What will happen when increased carbon emissions will raise the sea levels and heat too

While living a simple environment friendly life here in lofty mountains and serene valley of Kohat I often think when tremors hit mother earth

Will we ever be able to reverse the crazy acts of inventors bent upon polluting and unbalancing mother earth

Written by
Abdur Raziq
M.Phil US Study (History-International Relation)

Friday, March 4, 2016

Song of peace

Peace in mind love in heart

Walk through passage of life with love and care for every one

Never listen to hate emanated lies

Listen to the truth elevated by love

Lofty and rocky dry mountains and serene meadows and fertile
 plains covered with gunpowder

Crying widows, deprived orphans of fighting Knights

Victims of war and terrorism around the globe

Urges us to make everyone see the beauty, feel and spread love

To have peace in mind and love in heart we shall change the scene

Prosperity and happiness of all shall be the agenda

Beauty for eyes love for heart paves the way for peace

Peace in mind love in heart

Walk through the passage of life with love and care for every one

Written by
Abdur Raziq
Cell phone #  03339607378

Victory and freedom

                                       Victory and freedom                                           by Abdur Raziq I was thinking of dif...