Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Bad teacher

Once upon a time when I was just three years old my Mom a government girls school teacher at that time had decided to get admission for me in a school for boys near her school for her own convenience. At my first day in school I had passed all the tests taken by my one and only male school teacher wearing Qaraqul cap on his head with Shalwar Qameez and Peshawari Chapal, later in the day while sitting on Matt with my other class fellows for no Obvious reason I had received a kick from my teacher at my back while he was passing near me. I suddenly stood up had given bad look to the butcher/teacher, had picked by school bag and had walked out from the school building to reach my mom whom was teaching in near bye girls school. I had succeeded to reach her and had also succeeded to communicate to her jealous attitude of the teacher. She was also very angry after knowing this and have decided to get admission for me in nursery class of Christian Convent. That was her best decision because my one and only teacher in Kohat Convent school's nursery class was Madam Sheila an Irish blonde, she was very kind and nice to me and had treated me like her own son during one year of my nursery class. Now that I am grown big and can understand too many aspects of life feel pity for that so called teacher of government school whom had mistreated me, he might be a psychopath or serial child killer only God knows what was his end, but my timely decision at age of three had saved me from further sufferings from his hands and kicking legs.

Morale of the story

Always leave the bad people on pavement and opt for good ones.

Written by
Abdur Raziq

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Kick on a cup of tea

To be a father of a baby girl is quite a heart warming experience, at the birth day of my eldest daughter Urooj I was feeling like a most kind and humble man, all stiffness and harshness in me was evaporated soon after her birth. She was just ten days old when my wife asked me to take the charge of Urooj at that time I was reading a book while laying in my bed, I said to her ok bring her here, she had laid her on my chest which is 47 inches broad and can be a closer place for my daughter near my heart. Urooj was laying on my chest with her head towards my belly and legs towards my face, when her mother had brought cup of tea for me, I kept the book aside and had taken hot cup of tea from her, when I had moved the cup of tea towards my lips on its way it became a sudden target of Urooj's kick thus the hot tea was spread all over my chest, I suddenly placed her on bed and had changed my clothes after taking shower, was feeling slight itching on skin of my chest which gradually went down. During all this period I have realized that I was amused by her kick on a cup of tea, I was not expecting this from a ten days old baby girl of mine, after this kicking the cup of tea incident I used to let her lay on my chest with her legs towards my belly to avoid further kicks from her, and while having cup of tea in this situation always used to guarantee her feeder of milk in her hands, so she drinks milk from feeder while I was having cup of tea while she is laying on my chest near to my heart.

Morale of the Story: Always feed your baby while having cup of tea, while the baby is laying at your chest to avoid kicks from the baby.

Written by

Abdur Raziq
M.Phil US Study (International Relation-History)

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PS: This short story has been written as part of my writing course assignment while keeping the fact in view that my FB friend Rehan Allahwala has recently became father of a lovely baby girl.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Mr. Moodi's misconception subcontinent at brink of nuclear war

South Asia rich in natural resources and having geo-strategic importance of vital nature was focus of colonial powers of Europe and adventurers of central Asia since centuries. From Alexander to British rulers is a long history of foreign invasions on subcontinent, In brief subcontinent was focus of world powers since long, French, Portugees, Arabs, Italians, Turks, Mughals of central Asia and Iranians all have left their imprints on subcontinent. Recent Soviet invasion of Afghanistan has also caused profound impact on people of subcontinent from Kabul till Ras Kumari.

British colonial era had brought people of subcontinent into modern age of scientific development and towards introduction to modern methods of self rule. In fact era of enlightenment in sub continent was started with arrival of British colonial rulers here.

After the departure of British colonial rulers in post second world war era, due to prevailing communal hatred and intolerant attitude of Mr. Nehru and Patel as stated by Maulana Abu Alkalam Azad in last twenty pages of his book' India wins freedom' printed after demise of Madam Indra Gandhi, Muslims of subcontinent were left with no other option but to start their struggle for achievement of independent home land. Thus Pakistan came into being on 14th of August 1947.

Afghanistan was an independent entity even during British rule of subcontinent, interestingly long borders between India, Pakistan and Afghanistan have become major and natural hurdle in way of their complete separation, so all these three countries of subcontinent are engaged in border disputes, Red cliff award separating Pakistan from India has left the issue of Kashmir as bone of contention between both, Durand Line between Afghanistan and Pakistan is not acceptable boundary line for Afghans.

So far communal hatred is a force separating India and Pakistan geographically as two independent entities, Afghanistan a predominantly Muslim country is gradually moving towards integration with Pakistan. Among one of major hurdles in the way of peace in subcontinent are weapon sellers sitting in Kremlin, Beijing and Washington, so far three major wars between India and Pakistan are fought along with numerous limited wars.

USA has started enhancing its influence in subcontinent after departure of British rulers, infrastructure build during British era had linked the subcontinent through rail roads, roads and bridges it has helped US multi national companies to extend their trade here, in remote village areas where no clean drinking water is available beverages made in USA can be seen there available in almost every shop. After Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and nine eleven attacks in USA, US and Russian made weapons are also common in each house hold here along with peanut butter made in USA.

Now seventh Nuclear power Pakistan being former colony of Great Britain and currently member of Common Wealth and most allied ally of USA in war on terror, is facing frequent border attacks from Indian Army, Indian voters after electing a PhD in economics from Oxford Mr. Manmohan Singh have opted for Mr. Moodi as their Prime Minister, statements given by him so far reflects that he wants disintegration of seventh nuclear power Pakistan and is funding separatist forces here. It seems that his concept regarding nuclear deterrence is not very clear. In simple words due to overaggressive attitude of Mr. Moodi we are at a brink of nuclear war here.

Attractions of subcontinent in terms of its rich cultural heritage, variety of climates, high and lofty mountains and fertile plains, its geostrategic importance and natural resources are in need of change of attitude of Indian aggressive leadership, for survival now.

Written by

Abdur Raziq
M. Phil US Study (International Relations-History)

Cell phone # 00923339607378