Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What to say?


The fear present in my mind after facing numerous attempts on my life during past two years active duty as Monitoring Officer in FDMA is melting down, after the fourth January incident in which I was robbed by three burglars after my return from Peshawar head office was a turning point in my life my colleagues in FDMA had stopped my payments and some of them have started giving impression that I have resigned from the job, I categorically deny this I haven;t submitted my resignation the truth is that we all receive yearly notice regarding end of our contracts, and after individual meeting with DG FDMA get the permission to continue, I had received that notice on 31st of December 2014, have tried to meet DG FDMA but in vain so far whenever I had visited head office DG was either unavailable or was unwilling to meet, in short span of six months two Director Generals have been transferred from FATA Disaster Management Authority Peshawar.

'Around midnight strangers they enter in Paracha Town Kohat through
open fields towards Sheikhan area,  their favorite route is crop field
between mud houses of Afghan refugees and mud house of the tenant Juma
Gul,  once entered in Paracha Town they walk on road inside it toward
religious seminary of Maulana Fazl ur Rehman and then turn towards
road near the gate of religious seminary which is stretched till water
ravine at the back of the religious seminary building,' retired post
man Saeed resident of Paracha Town has said.
Retired JCO Nawab of Pakistan Army says, at the time of morning
prayers scores of people were robbed by two to three robbers near the
mosque of Sadiq Khan Banda, the said area is situated opposite to
Paracha Town on Kohat Pindi road near WAPDA Grid Station.
'On 4th of January this scribe was robbed by three robbers holding
pistols in their hands, all the three robbers have covered their faces
and bodies with dark color of blankets, one among them was more then
six feet in height, the second one standing beside was him was around
six feet in height and was having yellow color of eyes, third one
among them was of short height and bit bulky, two tall robbers were
having v shape bodies like athletes or today's suicide bombers, and
their eyes were looking heavy were closing and opening with brief
intervals, either they were intoxicated, or due to lack of sleep they
were unable to keep their eyes open, three said robbers have
simultaneously removed safety pins of their pistols pointed towards
me,  all of them were young, I was only able to see their color of
eyes when my neighbor Zubair came in a car towards us,  my cell phone
and ID cards
and cash amount worth 910 rupees were taken away by robbers along with
packet of Gold
Leaf and Lighter, and while seeing the head light of Zubair's car
coming towards us all the three have escaped from a narrow street
towards mud houses of Afghan refugees, just after half an hour of
evening prayers near the main mosque of Paracha Town, FIR was launched
by me in Sadar Police Station so far only my ID cards are being found
by a tribal resident of Paracha Town namely Khyzer and he had handed
over back to me, neither the culprits are arrested nor my other
belongings robbed by robbers were returned,  after my contact with
police regarding the incident death threats are hurled by the robbers
verbally in the dark, postman saeed says the robbers are still inside
Paracha Town.
Abdur Raziq

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Brief Escape

At the eve of American Independence Day a face book friend of mine living happily with her husband in Minessota had complained that firecrackers had made her dog run away from home, the dog was found afterwards when someone posted information about him on internet. Now dog psychology in Pakistan and USA is based upon loyalty to his master, a Pakistani dog even dogs in USA and elsewhere at the time of crisis stay and help their masters, Susan's dog while escaping from home at the time that loud explosions of firecrackers were all around, has indicated a new trend in dog's psychology in USA, her dog has become suddenly important because of his un dogly behavior.

Many friends are asking about delay in renewal of my contract with FATA Disaster Management Authority Peshawar which was ended on 31st of December 2013, some new trends in Pakistan are largely responsible for that delay, I am more then willing to continue as Monitoring Officer and as usual help my country fellows at the time of crisis, and all concerned shall rest assure that new trend like Susan's dog's behavior has not made me escape from FDMA I am still loyal to the Organization and patiently waiting for renewal of my contract from the last six months, and do have a copy of notice as proof regarding me and my other 58 colleagues contract which indicates end of it.

Written by

Abdur Raziq
M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)
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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Roads in Kohat need repair

Kohat 6-4-2014 

Jarvanda road Kohat has become full of broken patches amid heavy rainfall, road near old Sadar police station was also damaged amid heavy rainfall previously; Kohat Bannu road till Jerma Bridge also contains broken patches on it in abundance. Most affected community is public transport vehicle drivers whom are round the clock moving on these roads while their vehicles get damaged, a public transport driver laments that cost of repair increases from the income which he gets as public transport driver, some of the drivers are working for their public transport vehicle owners on daily wages, their plight becomes horrible when the vehicle gets damaged and sometimes they have to pay for repair for their daily wages.
Dr. Khalid resident of Sheffield County in London and resident of Kohat once moving on the road had told this scribe that to save the kidneys roads shall be carpeted and jerk free. He says that slight jerks on road are more damaging for kidneys and shall not be there. Damaged roads are hazardous not only for vehicle owners but for the passengers too whom are mostly from general public.
Road damage amid heavy rainfall reflect poor construction of the road, an engineer says due to heavy commission paid by contractors as bribe little money remains for road construction, some of the roads were only constructed on papers, others are of the view that lack of expertise in road construction can also be the reason behind poor construction of roads, some of the newly constructed roads evaporate amid heavy rainfall like make up vanishes away from face when water fells on it. Road constructed by Turkish firms and even roads constructed inside Punjab by local contractors are better than roads in KPK, Murree Islamabad road is the best example of road engineering in Pakistan.
Experts are of the view that factors leading to poor road construction in KP shall be removed to have better roads in this province.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

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