Monday, February 23, 2015

Wedding season

In Kohat district of KPK Pakistan all seasons are wedding season, in spring season weddings pace become bit intensified. I had attended two wedding lunches this month, one was in connection of wedding of my distant he and she cousins marriage of their daughter and son and was arranged in a wedding hall, during the lunch me and my son Faraz had shared table for four with a car dealer he was complete stranger but finally he had introduced himself and during lunch talk he had revealed that people of Kohat are robbed by two people whom were offering big profits on their investments through them. Both have allegedly escaped after collecting huge amounts of money from the people, with a great sigh of sorrow he had said our people are too greedy that is why they are often trapped by such fraudulent creatures. His revelations were astonishing and illuminating. On the issue of cars I told him I am environment friendly person and am more interested in horses then cars, and do feel immense pleasure while riding a horse.
During wedding lunch here in Kohat men eat first and when all the men are through with the lunch then food is served to female guests, so invited married couples had to spend more time in the wedding hall then single men. I and my son Faraz were through with the lunch but my Mrs. In a separate dining hall specified for women folk was waiting for the lunch with other ladies of my tribe. While waiting for her I had conversation with my other cousin whom had briefed me about almost every issue known to him, my son was also listening to our conversation, finally ladies were through with the lunch and we three came back home.
Another wedding lunch which I had attended along with my Mrs., my brother Abdur Rauf advocate and his wife and my son Faraz, lunch was hosted by a tenant of my wife’s maternal uncle. Her maternal uncle Nazar Hussain a big land owner and an engineer by profession were also present there and had received me warmly. In my presence Nazar Hussain uncle had kindly garlanded groom son of his tenant Juma Gul. His tenant had arranged lunch for us in his mud house, in a small room equipped with carpet me Faraz, Nazar Hussain uncle, his son and his two grandsons together had to sit on a soft matt over carpet along with few other guests. We had a lunch together and then I invited Nazar Hussain uncle for green tea, my residence is quite at a walking distance from his tenant’s home, Mrs. of uncle Nazar Hussain and my Mrs. were left behind along with another female guests with the woman folk of his tenant in a separate portion specified for women only. While sitting in my drawing room Uncle Nazar Hussain whose large chunk of land has been leased to Afghan refugees situated at the back of my residence at a little distance.
During conversation over green cup of tea Nazar Hussain uncle had revealed that his cousin and ex Director General of Provincial Disaster Management Authority has been posted now as Principal Secretary of Chief Minister KPK. Soon after his departure from my drawing the kind landowner had attended the ceremony of bringing bride to the groom house from a village area on Kohat Pindi road. When the convoy of the cars of groom’s family and friends have brought the bride back traditional aerial firing was started, till that time my Mrs. was also back in home on intense aerial firing she has jokingly commented they are trying to terrorize the groom (though it is always a traditional way of expressing happiness here). I responded to her in a same manner that all is well if it ends well, and keep on doing as Romans do in Rome, swimming against the tide is difficult and cumbersome activity and I am not in a mood of taking unnecessary risks.

Written by
Abdur Raziq

M.Phil US Study (International Relation-History)